Monday, September 15, 2014

GUINEA PIG FOR DINNER...YUMM??!! Email 9/15/2014

MONDAY, p day!!! We did nothing really. A little ping pong and sleep. haha. Boring.
TUESDAY, we had district mtg. We also celebrated elder Richmonds bday and ate some cake. (an elder in our zone)  then we visited some new less actives however one of them didnt seem to really care about what we were teaching. bummer. 
WEDNESDAY, we taught Jean Franko about fasting because there is a new rule just for this ward, that the investigators need to fast and pay a fast offering in order to be baptized. interesting.  it went really well and he said that he would do it. i feel like he has a need, but we just cant find it. he sort of avoids the topic of baptism, but with faith and patience  i think we will get there! 
THURSDAY, we did a little service project. We painted the penionistas house. That was fun. I didnt like the color though. haha. Today was from then on a little slow and it is also 9/11 sad day. I cant believe that it has been 13 years since the twin towers. Time flies… and ya thats about it sorry. 
FRIDAY, we contacted a reference and now we have 2 new investigators! Two boys at the ages 12 and 13,their mom is less active so we will try to rescue her as well! Then we had a lesson with a previous investigator that we hadnt seen in a while. It went really well. I just hope that we can teach him more often from now on. 
SATURDAY, we got to see a new born baby today! A less active sister had her baby recently. Cute! haha. It makes you ask those questions, where did you come from little one? It is cool to have the knowledge that we know where we come from, why we are here and were we are going after this life! What a blessing! From there we had a lesson with a less active and he said that he wants to come to church and talk to us more! And he was the one on Tues, who didnt really want anything to do with the church! Cool to see how god touches people’s hearts through the holy ghost and the missionaries! Wow! 
SUNDAY, church! So church was good, a girl gave a really good talk to the youth about being strong and righteous because they are the next generation of the members! Really good. Then lunch took forever. After that we had time for one quick lesson and then off to dinner…. and guess what we had for dinner?......... CUY!!!!!! Yes, I ate guinea pig!!!!! ahhhhh! Sort of gross. Haha, but now I can say that I have eaten it and I am now officially Peruvian! hahaha. But ya, then we had a super spiritual lesson about the atonement. I love the topic of the atonement. It always gets to me. What a great way to end the week.  
   Thanks for the email again and I love all of you and hope the best for you and that you all have a great next week! Don’t forget read, pray, everyday!!!  Love yall!


  1. "...there is a new rule just for this ward, that the investigators need to fast and pay a fast offering in order to be baptized."

    Handbook 2 mentions at least twice that there should be no charge for baptism in the church.

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