Monday, October 27, 2014

HAPPY 20TH BDAY ELDER MAXWELL!! Email 10/27/2014




MONDAY, so today we went to the center of Lima. Super cool, we ate at McDonalds. Delicious. Then we bought a ton of souvenirs and stuff, a 3 story store of straight up souvenirs. Cool. Then we went back to our room and had a really cool experience as we were going to eat dinner. A bunch of little events happened which all led us to a certain place at a certain time in order to help 2 people in need. So we passed a guy with his grandma and I had an impression to just make eye contact with him. Anyway long story short, he is and investigator from Cajamarca. (like 14 hours in bus from where we were.) And it turns out his co worker who had been working with him for 15ish years had left him and his grandma on the side of the road and took all his stuff, including his documents. So we helped him out. My comp gave him 100 soles of his personal money. Wow, and we took him to our pension to give them some food and got a member to take them in a taxi to help them find a bus to get back to their home. They were headed to San Mateo to take pictures because he is a photographer who takes pics for postcards and ya. Service. Perfect time, perfect place. God did this. He guided us to someone in need. Cool. 
TUESDAY, today was normal. We also had another right time right place experience where the bishop walked out of his house right after one of our appointments had fallen through, invited us in and showed us to some less actives houses. More people to teach! Awesome. God is constantly guiding us. 
WEDNESDAY, today was also normal. We did have district mtg, but ya. normal. haha. Then later we talked to gianfranco to help him prepare for the Aaronic priesthood which he will be receiving this Sunday! Wahoo! He is progressing a ton! 
THURSDAY, 1 year in the mission! Hump day! Wahoo! Time flies!!! And ya, today we visited some less actives and all went well.
FRIDAY, today was slow and a lot of appointments fell through. We did watch a video with a family, which went well but thats about it. 
SATURDAY, the other 2 elders had a baptism. I gave a little message there. All went well and then we had english classes and about 15 people came! Big success! Oh also at 2 am this morning a mouse jumped into our garbage can and couldnt get out. It made a bunch of noise. haha. So my comp took it and let it go outside. But we took some pics that i will send. Cute! haha. 
SUNDAY, I was born on this day 20 years ago!!! haha. So 2 decades. It feels a little strange haha. So church was good. gianfranco got the priesthood! wahoo! then after church we ate 3 times. i was super stuffed, due to my bday, and a lot of people told me happy birthday which was cool, unlike my first bday in the ccm. haha. But ya and a family also gave me a little present. Cool. It went well. and thats about it! 
  Thanks for the emails and all that you do! i hope that you all have a great next week!

HO HO HO??!! Email 10/20/2014

Santa??'s Elder Maxwell!!

Ping Pong P-day!

So my week, sorry this probably wont be very long, 
MONDAY, we played ping pong and a little bit of soccer, then we had a cool lesson with a less active family and we found the thing that they needed! i just hope they applied what they learned and come back to church!
TUESDAY, today once again we had a lot of appointments fall through.... pucha maquina. but we did have a lesson with a less active and we also found his "need" and helped him with it! and i hope that he acts upon what we taught as well!
WEDNESDAY, today we taught gianfranco about revelation and how to recognize the spirit. really good lesson. i also learned a bit about it during personal study this morning. some things to help me as well recognize those little promptings that we receive everyday. 
THURSDAY, we had our district meeting, and it was a little boring. haha. then things didnt get much better.  appointments fell through. huhhhhh. This area is a little tough, but we just gotta keep on working. 
FRIDAY, today i woke up and i went to my drawer to get my clothes out and there was a mouse inside. it made me jump a little, haha. i havent seen it since but it did leave my some little pellet presents that i had to clean out. haha. then later we had an awesome fhe with another less active family. i shared heleman 12 vs 5 and the story in matthew about the wise man who built his house upon a rock. and ya, it went amazingly. 
SATURDAY, we helped a family put up a christmas tree. haha. early, i know right. haha. but it was awesome and made me a little trunky. haha. christmas memories... then we had a lesson with a family about faith and how it helps us. it went well. then later we had english classes and 3 people showed up, but it was still fun!
SUNDAY, gianfranco got confirmed! official member of the church! wahoo! and a ton of people are already inviting him to a bunch of activities and stuff! he is already starting to fit in! sweet! then we did a little paperwork to put his info in the computer. then later we had a lesson with a different less active family and during it i could see that they werent happy. we taught them about a couple of different things to help them see how the gospel could help them. it made me sad. they have the gospel, but they dont realize how much it can really help them. little by little they will come back. i hope. 
  well that is my sorta uneventful week. thanks for all that you all have done for me! i love all of you and miss you a ton! have a grand next week! love yall!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

COLD WATER AND TESTIMONY! email 10/13/2014

"THE FRUITS" Gianfranco

So MONDAY, p day! We went to a market called Gamarra. Some elders bought some jerseys and shoes. I didnt buy anything. haha. But it was fun. We ate pizza hut! haha can you believe it?
  TUESDAY, we had a lot of appointments fall through. The one that we did have, we talked about prophets and invited them to conference.
WEDNESDAY, we had an appointment with gianfranco and we just did some paperwork for his baptism!!! Wahoo! And then we taught a less active fam about prophets and also invited them to conference. 
THURSDAY, we had zone mtg. It went well.  I learned a few things. Then gianfranco had his baptism interview. It went well and he chose me to baptize him! Cool! The fruits!!!  Then we had a lesson with a less active and also taught about prophets and invited him to conference. Conference, conference, conference, haha. 
FRIDAY, today we had another lesson with another less active and yes again, prophets and conference. haha. Oh I did learn something cool. A quote by President Kimball.... God does notice us, and he watches over us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.   So true! 
SATURDAY, conference!!!! Was awesome! I absolutely loved it! And then we had the baptism! All went well. The water was freezing and gianfranco stopped breathing for a sec as he came out of the water because of the shock of the cold. But he had a smile afterwards! I will send some pics! And then conference again and it was superb! As well as the priesthood session! Which I got to see in English! Luckily haha. Its better in English. I liked Uctdorfs talk a lot. He is awesome.
SUNDAY, conference! Oh I love it, yes I do! haha. I got to listen to the two sessions in English. I liked the talk by Richard g Scott and also Bednars. They were great! As well as Elder Russell m Nelson, about sustaining the prophet not only in word but by following his teachings. So true, And the spirit was there the whole time. I learned so much. Then after we visited some families, that’s it. I cant wait for the next conference already. So amazing! 

  I would like to bear my testimony for all of you,
      I know with all of a surety that this is the true church of God on the earth. That now in our day there is a prophet of God who reveals the secrets of God and guides and directs us. The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and individuals. God lives. Through the atonement of Christ, we can return to his presence, God hears us and answers our prayers. He knows us personally. The scriptures guide us to eternal happiness. As we strive for perfection, God will be with us every step of the way. It may be hard at times, but through study, prayer, and application we can overcome and do anything with the help of God. This I know for certain, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
  Thank you for the emails and letters. I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! Love yall!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So my week, 
MONDAY, we played some more ping pong and my shoelace broke. Crap. But i fixed it no worries. haha.
TUESDAY, we walked a lot, again. Our two appointments never showed up. So we actually had 0 lessons today.... but we worked hard and were obedient and that is all that matters. 
WEDNESDAY, first day of October! If im correct. Today, once again, walked a ton. We made a lot of appointments today. We also had correlation which is a meeting with the mission leader in our areas. He is recently called to be mission leader but he is a RM and seems really cool. I think that he is going to help us a lot to improve the missionary work in this zone. 
THURSDAY, today we had a cool lesson with a family. We watched the story of John Tanner and then we talked about making sacrifices to receive blessings and also trusting in god, that he will provide if we just do what he says. If any of you havent seen this video, i sure do recommend it! It’s awesome! 
FRIDAY, today we had three set appointments, but none of them worked out. They all fell through.... do to: they didnt have time, no man in the house, were about to leave, and stuff like that. Really just the usual stuff, but ya. Bummer. patience, patience. It’s just a little hard at times when you dont see the fruits of your labors. But trust in the lord just like john tanner! 
SATURDAY, we had an appointment with gianfranco and he made the decision to be baptized! He is going to be baptized this next Saturday!!! wahoo! There we go! Some fruits!! haha. i am so happy for him, and now i am also hoping that he will make the decision to go on a mission!!! That would be so cool!!!!
SUNDAY, we didnt have church because it is illegal due to elections here in Peru. But its ok. We didnt get to watch conference because of it, but we will watch all of the sessions this next week. Sweet! i am soooo excited for that!!! So then we tried to visit some people but everyone, just about wasnt home, because they were all out and about voting and stuff. Everyone was outside today. haha. But ya, working hard still, loving the mission and learning a lot! 
  Well thanks to all for being so awesome and wonderful. i miss all of you! The church is true and we are in the last days! Prepare yourselves! i love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love ya!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014



MONDAY, we worked like normal today because the schedule is a little whack with transfers. But ya, however a ton of appointments fell through... pucha machina. haha. Spanish slang. We contacted a bit and elder jeria said goodbye to some people nothing else really. 
TUESDAY, 11 months!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!! Awesome! Time flies. So today was p day, and we played ping pong and then we went back to the room so elder jeria could pack and thats it. 
WEDNESDAY, transfers!!! My comp is elder manihuari from iquitos peru. He has 6 or 7 months in the mission. Cool! lets do this! So before the transfers, president talked to us a bit and I testify that he is called of God, without a doubt. He speaks with such power, yet love and the spirit. So awesome. So then we just got to know some families, but there is a problem in this ward. It is full of women... and we cant go into a house with out a person 18 yrs or older of our same gender... well, trust in the lord to help us find people to teach where there are men in the house. 
 So today, THURSDAY,  after district mtg, oh btw i am the only gringo in my district and also the one with the most time in the mission. ahhhh! haha. and then after i got a fever of 101 degrees. fun! in bed all day. haha
FRIDAY, we walked and walked and walked to find people to teach. We made appointments, but other than that nothing. They werent home or there wasnt a guy in the house......
SATURDAY, so today my investigator from pariachi, royer and diana got baptized!!!!! and i got to go!!!!  So awesome! I’ll send pics! so then on our way back there was a guy standing at a corner by a bus stop, in public, with a bunch of people around, butt naked. cool, thought you all would like to know about that, and some of the daily, weird and carzy stuff that happens here in peru and the mission. haha.
SUNDAY, so church went well! Afterwards we made some appointments with a new investigator. Awesome! Then later at night we went to an appointment with a less active, and it just happens that his girlfriend was there and later we found out ( from the prayer she gave at the end) that the spirit guided her to come down and speak with us even though at the time she didnt want too. We had a super good lesson, the restoration, and wow! How cool. I think that she is one of those prepared by god people! So cool. We have another appointment next week, because she only visits on the weekends but ya. cool!  We will see how this plays out! Obedience brings miracles like my mom said! And it is true! Cool scripture for all: d and c 6:33! Awesome! Thanks to all! I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! The church is true!!!!!!!!!!!

"WE ARE COMMANDED TO BEAR TESTIMONY" D & C 66: 5 & 7 email 9/22/2014

So MONDAY, p day, ping pong nothing else haha
   TUESDAY, we had district mtg and then i went on exchanges with elder fernandes just for a day. It went really well, cool to see a different area and his way of teaching and stuff. We visited a bunch of people and it went well, strange sleeping in a different bed though. haha.
WEDNESDAY, today we were back to normal. We had an appointment with gianfranco and it went really well. He is now progressing to a baptism date for this next sat the 27th! wahoo! i think he will really be baptized that day! and today i also got my package thanks to everyone! for the goodies and letters. Loved it! It accidently got sent to chosica... what the heck... haha. Patience right?
THURSDAY, we found a new less active family to teach! wahoo! We also made a bunch of appointments. Then we had an appointment with max, our investigator. We had a great lesson on part of the restoration. It was spiritual and awesome. He understood it really well and everything too! Then his little 10 yr old sister came in and started to greet everyone and it is a custom here to greet people with a kiss on the cheek, but us as missionaries, we cant do that. So long story short she tried to greet me like that and i was paying attention a lot. i ended up avoiding it but she got a bit embarrassed and left the room. I felt so bad! That was the first time that this has happened to me.. haha. but ya.
FRIDAY, we had a cool experience. We were going to go to teach a family with a return missionary, because there arent any adults of our same gender there. Anyway, the return missionary didnt arrive so we were about to go and tell them we couldnt make it when a guy greeted us. He knew who we were so after a few seconds we ran after him and got him to accompany us! Turns out he was a return missionary from another ward. We started teaching and then the other return missionary got there too. We all bore testimony of how the gospel blesses our lives and families. The spirit was incredible. We all had tears in our eyes and I personally broke down a little bit. The church is true and I love this time to experience these miracles! Wow!
SATURDAY, we got to take some investigators, recent converts and less active to go and see the temple, to just give a little tour. It was cool because you could feel the spirit of the temple just by walking around it. Awesome, and this took all day haha so nothing else really sorry. haha.
SUNDAY, i gave a talk in church! about sharing our testimonies and how we are commanded to do so in dc 66 vs 5 and 7 and how through small and simple things like bearing our testimonies we can see miracles and help with the salvation of many souls like how it says in alma 37 vs 6 through 7! It went super good! I like giving talks now haha and now i just hope the members got something out of it and i hope that they will actually do it!
So, thats my week! Thanks for the emails and letters and especially the prayers! i love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! cuidense! love yall!