Wednesday, October 15, 2014

COLD WATER AND TESTIMONY! email 10/13/2014

"THE FRUITS" Gianfranco

So MONDAY, p day! We went to a market called Gamarra. Some elders bought some jerseys and shoes. I didnt buy anything. haha. But it was fun. We ate pizza hut! haha can you believe it?
  TUESDAY, we had a lot of appointments fall through. The one that we did have, we talked about prophets and invited them to conference.
WEDNESDAY, we had an appointment with gianfranco and we just did some paperwork for his baptism!!! Wahoo! And then we taught a less active fam about prophets and also invited them to conference. 
THURSDAY, we had zone mtg. It went well.  I learned a few things. Then gianfranco had his baptism interview. It went well and he chose me to baptize him! Cool! The fruits!!!  Then we had a lesson with a less active and also taught about prophets and invited him to conference. Conference, conference, conference, haha. 
FRIDAY, today we had another lesson with another less active and yes again, prophets and conference. haha. Oh I did learn something cool. A quote by President Kimball.... God does notice us, and he watches over us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.   So true! 
SATURDAY, conference!!!! Was awesome! I absolutely loved it! And then we had the baptism! All went well. The water was freezing and gianfranco stopped breathing for a sec as he came out of the water because of the shock of the cold. But he had a smile afterwards! I will send some pics! And then conference again and it was superb! As well as the priesthood session! Which I got to see in English! Luckily haha. Its better in English. I liked Uctdorfs talk a lot. He is awesome.
SUNDAY, conference! Oh I love it, yes I do! haha. I got to listen to the two sessions in English. I liked the talk by Richard g Scott and also Bednars. They were great! As well as Elder Russell m Nelson, about sustaining the prophet not only in word but by following his teachings. So true, And the spirit was there the whole time. I learned so much. Then after we visited some families, that’s it. I cant wait for the next conference already. So amazing! 

  I would like to bear my testimony for all of you,
      I know with all of a surety that this is the true church of God on the earth. That now in our day there is a prophet of God who reveals the secrets of God and guides and directs us. The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and individuals. God lives. Through the atonement of Christ, we can return to his presence, God hears us and answers our prayers. He knows us personally. The scriptures guide us to eternal happiness. As we strive for perfection, God will be with us every step of the way. It may be hard at times, but through study, prayer, and application we can overcome and do anything with the help of God. This I know for certain, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
  Thank you for the emails and letters. I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! Love yall!

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