Monday, October 27, 2014

HAPPY 20TH BDAY ELDER MAXWELL!! Email 10/27/2014




MONDAY, so today we went to the center of Lima. Super cool, we ate at McDonalds. Delicious. Then we bought a ton of souvenirs and stuff, a 3 story store of straight up souvenirs. Cool. Then we went back to our room and had a really cool experience as we were going to eat dinner. A bunch of little events happened which all led us to a certain place at a certain time in order to help 2 people in need. So we passed a guy with his grandma and I had an impression to just make eye contact with him. Anyway long story short, he is and investigator from Cajamarca. (like 14 hours in bus from where we were.) And it turns out his co worker who had been working with him for 15ish years had left him and his grandma on the side of the road and took all his stuff, including his documents. So we helped him out. My comp gave him 100 soles of his personal money. Wow, and we took him to our pension to give them some food and got a member to take them in a taxi to help them find a bus to get back to their home. They were headed to San Mateo to take pictures because he is a photographer who takes pics for postcards and ya. Service. Perfect time, perfect place. God did this. He guided us to someone in need. Cool. 
TUESDAY, today was normal. We also had another right time right place experience where the bishop walked out of his house right after one of our appointments had fallen through, invited us in and showed us to some less actives houses. More people to teach! Awesome. God is constantly guiding us. 
WEDNESDAY, today was also normal. We did have district mtg, but ya. normal. haha. Then later we talked to gianfranco to help him prepare for the Aaronic priesthood which he will be receiving this Sunday! Wahoo! He is progressing a ton! 
THURSDAY, 1 year in the mission! Hump day! Wahoo! Time flies!!! And ya, today we visited some less actives and all went well.
FRIDAY, today was slow and a lot of appointments fell through. We did watch a video with a family, which went well but thats about it. 
SATURDAY, the other 2 elders had a baptism. I gave a little message there. All went well and then we had english classes and about 15 people came! Big success! Oh also at 2 am this morning a mouse jumped into our garbage can and couldnt get out. It made a bunch of noise. haha. So my comp took it and let it go outside. But we took some pics that i will send. Cute! haha. 
SUNDAY, I was born on this day 20 years ago!!! haha. So 2 decades. It feels a little strange haha. So church was good. gianfranco got the priesthood! wahoo! then after church we ate 3 times. i was super stuffed, due to my bday, and a lot of people told me happy birthday which was cool, unlike my first bday in the ccm. haha. But ya and a family also gave me a little present. Cool. It went well. and thats about it! 
  Thanks for the emails and all that you do! i hope that you all have a great next week!

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