Monday, October 27, 2014

HO HO HO??!! Email 10/20/2014

Santa??'s Elder Maxwell!!

Ping Pong P-day!

So my week, sorry this probably wont be very long, 
MONDAY, we played ping pong and a little bit of soccer, then we had a cool lesson with a less active family and we found the thing that they needed! i just hope they applied what they learned and come back to church!
TUESDAY, today once again we had a lot of appointments fall through.... pucha maquina. but we did have a lesson with a less active and we also found his "need" and helped him with it! and i hope that he acts upon what we taught as well!
WEDNESDAY, today we taught gianfranco about revelation and how to recognize the spirit. really good lesson. i also learned a bit about it during personal study this morning. some things to help me as well recognize those little promptings that we receive everyday. 
THURSDAY, we had our district meeting, and it was a little boring. haha. then things didnt get much better.  appointments fell through. huhhhhh. This area is a little tough, but we just gotta keep on working. 
FRIDAY, today i woke up and i went to my drawer to get my clothes out and there was a mouse inside. it made me jump a little, haha. i havent seen it since but it did leave my some little pellet presents that i had to clean out. haha. then later we had an awesome fhe with another less active family. i shared heleman 12 vs 5 and the story in matthew about the wise man who built his house upon a rock. and ya, it went amazingly. 
SATURDAY, we helped a family put up a christmas tree. haha. early, i know right. haha. but it was awesome and made me a little trunky. haha. christmas memories... then we had a lesson with a family about faith and how it helps us. it went well. then later we had english classes and 3 people showed up, but it was still fun!
SUNDAY, gianfranco got confirmed! official member of the church! wahoo! and a ton of people are already inviting him to a bunch of activities and stuff! he is already starting to fit in! sweet! then we did a little paperwork to put his info in the computer. then later we had a lesson with a different less active family and during it i could see that they werent happy. we taught them about a couple of different things to help them see how the gospel could help them. it made me sad. they have the gospel, but they dont realize how much it can really help them. little by little they will come back. i hope. 
  well that is my sorta uneventful week. thanks for all that you all have done for me! i love all of you and miss you a ton! have a grand next week! love yall!

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