Wednesday, October 1, 2014



MONDAY, we worked like normal today because the schedule is a little whack with transfers. But ya, however a ton of appointments fell through... pucha machina. haha. Spanish slang. We contacted a bit and elder jeria said goodbye to some people nothing else really. 
TUESDAY, 11 months!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!! Awesome! Time flies. So today was p day, and we played ping pong and then we went back to the room so elder jeria could pack and thats it. 
WEDNESDAY, transfers!!! My comp is elder manihuari from iquitos peru. He has 6 or 7 months in the mission. Cool! lets do this! So before the transfers, president talked to us a bit and I testify that he is called of God, without a doubt. He speaks with such power, yet love and the spirit. So awesome. So then we just got to know some families, but there is a problem in this ward. It is full of women... and we cant go into a house with out a person 18 yrs or older of our same gender... well, trust in the lord to help us find people to teach where there are men in the house. 
 So today, THURSDAY,  after district mtg, oh btw i am the only gringo in my district and also the one with the most time in the mission. ahhhh! haha. and then after i got a fever of 101 degrees. fun! in bed all day. haha
FRIDAY, we walked and walked and walked to find people to teach. We made appointments, but other than that nothing. They werent home or there wasnt a guy in the house......
SATURDAY, so today my investigator from pariachi, royer and diana got baptized!!!!! and i got to go!!!!  So awesome! I’ll send pics! so then on our way back there was a guy standing at a corner by a bus stop, in public, with a bunch of people around, butt naked. cool, thought you all would like to know about that, and some of the daily, weird and carzy stuff that happens here in peru and the mission. haha.
SUNDAY, so church went well! Afterwards we made some appointments with a new investigator. Awesome! Then later at night we went to an appointment with a less active, and it just happens that his girlfriend was there and later we found out ( from the prayer she gave at the end) that the spirit guided her to come down and speak with us even though at the time she didnt want too. We had a super good lesson, the restoration, and wow! How cool. I think that she is one of those prepared by god people! So cool. We have another appointment next week, because she only visits on the weekends but ya. cool!  We will see how this plays out! Obedience brings miracles like my mom said! And it is true! Cool scripture for all: d and c 6:33! Awesome! Thanks to all! I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! The church is true!!!!!!!!!!!

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