Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"WE ARE COMMANDED TO BEAR TESTIMONY" D & C 66: 5 & 7 email 9/22/2014

So MONDAY, p day, ping pong nothing else haha
   TUESDAY, we had district mtg and then i went on exchanges with elder fernandes just for a day. It went really well, cool to see a different area and his way of teaching and stuff. We visited a bunch of people and it went well, strange sleeping in a different bed though. haha.
WEDNESDAY, today we were back to normal. We had an appointment with gianfranco and it went really well. He is now progressing to a baptism date for this next sat the 27th! wahoo! i think he will really be baptized that day! and today i also got my package thanks to everyone! for the goodies and letters. Loved it! It accidently got sent to chosica... what the heck... haha. Patience right?
THURSDAY, we found a new less active family to teach! wahoo! We also made a bunch of appointments. Then we had an appointment with max, our investigator. We had a great lesson on part of the restoration. It was spiritual and awesome. He understood it really well and everything too! Then his little 10 yr old sister came in and started to greet everyone and it is a custom here to greet people with a kiss on the cheek, but us as missionaries, we cant do that. So long story short she tried to greet me like that and i was paying attention a lot. i ended up avoiding it but she got a bit embarrassed and left the room. I felt so bad! That was the first time that this has happened to me.. haha. but ya.
FRIDAY, we had a cool experience. We were going to go to teach a family with a return missionary, because there arent any adults of our same gender there. Anyway, the return missionary didnt arrive so we were about to go and tell them we couldnt make it when a guy greeted us. He knew who we were so after a few seconds we ran after him and got him to accompany us! Turns out he was a return missionary from another ward. We started teaching and then the other return missionary got there too. We all bore testimony of how the gospel blesses our lives and families. The spirit was incredible. We all had tears in our eyes and I personally broke down a little bit. The church is true and I love this time to experience these miracles! Wow!
SATURDAY, we got to take some investigators, recent converts and less active to go and see the temple, to just give a little tour. It was cool because you could feel the spirit of the temple just by walking around it. Awesome, and this took all day haha so nothing else really sorry. haha.
SUNDAY, i gave a talk in church! about sharing our testimonies and how we are commanded to do so in dc 66 vs 5 and 7 and how through small and simple things like bearing our testimonies we can see miracles and help with the salvation of many souls like how it says in alma 37 vs 6 through 7! It went super good! I like giving talks now haha and now i just hope the members got something out of it and i hope that they will actually do it!
So, thats my week! Thanks for the emails and letters and especially the prayers! i love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! cuidense! love yall!

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