Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So my week, 
MONDAY, we played some more ping pong and my shoelace broke. Crap. But i fixed it no worries. haha.
TUESDAY, we walked a lot, again. Our two appointments never showed up. So we actually had 0 lessons today.... but we worked hard and were obedient and that is all that matters. 
WEDNESDAY, first day of October! If im correct. Today, once again, walked a ton. We made a lot of appointments today. We also had correlation which is a meeting with the mission leader in our areas. He is recently called to be mission leader but he is a RM and seems really cool. I think that he is going to help us a lot to improve the missionary work in this zone. 
THURSDAY, today we had a cool lesson with a family. We watched the story of John Tanner and then we talked about making sacrifices to receive blessings and also trusting in god, that he will provide if we just do what he says. If any of you havent seen this video, i sure do recommend it! It’s awesome! 
FRIDAY, today we had three set appointments, but none of them worked out. They all fell through.... do to: they didnt have time, no man in the house, were about to leave, and stuff like that. Really just the usual stuff, but ya. Bummer. patience, patience. It’s just a little hard at times when you dont see the fruits of your labors. But trust in the lord just like john tanner! 
SATURDAY, we had an appointment with gianfranco and he made the decision to be baptized! He is going to be baptized this next Saturday!!! wahoo! There we go! Some fruits!! haha. i am so happy for him, and now i am also hoping that he will make the decision to go on a mission!!! That would be so cool!!!!
SUNDAY, we didnt have church because it is illegal due to elections here in Peru. But its ok. We didnt get to watch conference because of it, but we will watch all of the sessions this next week. Sweet! i am soooo excited for that!!! So then we tried to visit some people but everyone, just about wasnt home, because they were all out and about voting and stuff. Everyone was outside today. haha. But ya, working hard still, loving the mission and learning a lot! 
  Well thanks to all for being so awesome and wonderful. i miss all of you! The church is true and we are in the last days! Prepare yourselves! i love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love ya!

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