Wednesday, November 26, 2014

TENNIS IN PERU!! Email 11/24/2014






MONDAY, today we played tennis if you can believe it!!!! Coolest p day ever!!! I played with a couple elders who know how to play and it was a blast! I loved it! But man do I need to practice when I get back. haha. 
TUESDAY, today we taught Tracys dad, Javier. He has a huge desire to have a happy family and to be baptized. He is actually leaving to Iquitos this Saturday and we might be able to baptize him with special permission before he leaves but we will see, but he will be baptized. Whether it be now or in the future. Cool guy.
WEDNESDAY, today we taught Javier again, twice actually. haha. He is so cool. I can already see the change in him. He is reading the book of mormon and praying. Soo cool. He cant be baptized this Saturday, but when he gets back from Iquitos I hope that I can go to his baptism and wedding. because he isnt married yet... haha. 
THURSDAY, today we got to listen to elder wadell from the 70! sooooo coool. We shook his hand and then he talked to us about how we can improve as missionaries and what are some of the goals that we should set. I learned a lot from him. It was awesome! Then we talked to Javier again to help him prepare and then with another investigator who we need to get to go to church.. haha. Working on it!
FRIDAY, today we talked to Gianfranco. He is doing great! Then we also had our weekly planning session. Which im not a huge fan of, but you just gotta do it!
SATURDAY, today we did a service project. A lot of spiders.... ugh. It lasted a little too long and threw off our schedule and then a lot of appointments fell through. dang it. 
SUNDAY, was ward conference. A lot of sustaining and then after we visited an investigator, named Jose who doesnt listen to us and goes off on politics or history and a bunch of weird things. He gives me a headache. It’s really hard to get a hold of the conversation without interrupting him. Then we talked to 2 new investigators. It went well, but im not sure about their future, If they are going to progress or not. We will see how things go. 
  That is all! Thanks everybody for being so awesome! I love and miss you all! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

ALMOST ELECTROCUTED!! So happy God protects his missionaries! Email 11/17/2014

A fun trip to the Zoo on P-day!

The water heater that gave Elder Maxwell a bit of a ZAP!

A fun Stake program!

A great baptism day!

Too cute!!

MONDAY, Pday!!! Today we went to the parque de las leyendas, which is a big zoo!!! It was sweet and i will send a bunch of pics to show you how it was! 
TUESDAY, today we taught a new investigator named alex, he is 29. His ex-wife is lds. He has had a pretty rough life lets just say and he wants to get out of it and start anew. We had a great lesson with him and we will be visiting him a lot this next week to help him progress. 
WEDNESDAY, today we visited a less active kid who has a broken leg and he cant leave his bed. Cool kid and cool lesson too. We are taking advantage of this opportunity because we know that he is there all day every day due to his leg so... we gotta teach him!!!
THURSDAY, today we taught a contact that we made yesterday and come to find out that he is a preacher at a local church... we actually have similar beliefs. He believes that we need prophets now in our day, that they are absolutely necessary. Which is great! He just thinks that god is a spirit, so we just have to help him with that. He is also going to read the book of Mormon! Awesome!!! i cant wait for our next appointment!!!
FRIDAY, we had a lot of appointments fall through. It seems that every week we have one or two days like this and i dont like it. But we just keep on working. 
SATURDAY, today in the morning we practiced singing for a special musical number that we are going to do for an area 70 that is going to come and then after i went to take a shower because i didnt have time earlier and i almost died!!! I was showering and the cables got too hot and exploded and the water heater thing caught fire, i was able to jump out in time before it fully electrocuted me, but it did zap me a little. It freaked me out but i am good! haha. God saved me! i am glad to be a missionary! God protects us really well for these 2 years!  Then there was a dance activity thing in the stake. Cool!
SUNDAY, today was the primary program. Cool. Then i got the privilege of baptizing two little girls who are 8. They are cousins, a super cool experience. I felt the spirit so strongly during it. Also the one girls dad was here visiting from iquitos. His wife is a member and he isn’t and the cool thing is that after the baptism he came up to me and said that he wants to be baptized too, before he leaves back up to iquitos to work which is in like a week and a half. So we are going to be working super hard with him to prepare him for it! So cool! The example of an 8 year old girl and the power of the Holy Ghost that was there during the baptism touched his heart. So cool. I love the mission.
  Well thats all folks! i hoped you enjoyed! i love and miss you all and i hope that you all have a great next week!

Friday, November 14, 2014




PDAY! We watched the Croods. Hilarious as usual. Then we found out about transfers and i am staying put, with the same companion as well, a month and a half longer! Then we cut our hair and our appointment fell through. Crap. ha-ha.
TUESDAY, today we picked up Elder Haught. He is from Arizona. He likes to play tennis and has 19 months in the mission. He seems cool. Then later we went on exchanges with 2 elders who are assigned to travel around the mission and help everyone be better. It was actually a super cool experience. The elder that went with me, Elder Davila, helped me a ton, to see how i can better myself and achieve my goals here in the mission.
WEDNESDAY, Today we got to go to the temple!!! It was awesome. It was a great spiritual experience. So peaceful. I loved it. I wish that we could go more often. Also as we were leaving a new elder made eye contact with me, got a really surprised look on his face, and said, hey i know you! He is from Ohio and apparently my blog is one of the recommended ones on the Peru Lima Este page. So he and his family had been reading it and he recognized me from that. Cool. Way to go mom! For making me such an awesome blog! 
THURSDAY, District mtg! Time to get to know the new zone! So craziness!!! There is a new elder in my zone (greenie) named elder Tadje who is in the Barricks ward in Eagle Idaho! What!?!?! Small world! He knows the whole Barrick family! Awesome! I probably have met him before when i went up to visit Seth and the fam, but i guess i just didnt recognize him. Also, there is an elder Jolley from Hurricane, and i told him about how grandma and grandpa Bench have a house down there and also about where there old house was and he knew exactly where it is. He knows where grandpas pond is and everything! What!?!?! Small world!!! 
FRIDAY, cool experience, so we went to an appointment from a contact that we had a few days ago. We knocked on the door and the dad come out, said that his son wasn’t home (who was the person that we contacted) and was about to shut the door on us, but in that precise moment, a friend of his came to talk to him. This caused the dad to step outside to talk. As they finished we were able to talk to him more and he invited us in!. We taught him and his wife! New investigators! Perfect place, perfect time, in other words, the hand of God. 
SATURDAY,  today we taught a 15 year old investigator named Steve. The lesson only lasted 10 to 15 minutes but man, was it powerful. We taught simply, but with the spirit. It was sweet. Later we also did a little service project, carrying bags of sand up 3 stories, well i did. My comp just held the bags open while somebody filled them with sand. I did all the work. What the heck. haha. Then later we taught a less active and at first i wasn't feeling the spirit and i wasn't expressing myself like i wanted to. Then i decided to just listen and as he told us some things and as he finished talking, everything just came to me. i knew what to say and how to say it. The spirit was there and it was awesome. 
SUNDAY, church was good. After church we visited Steve’s dad and he talked our ears of. It took 5 minutes just to make an appointment with the guy, but we need to be nice to him and gain trust so that he with sign Steve’s permission slip for his baptism. But i think this is going to take a while. Then, we visited another family a less active mom and her two kids aren’t members. The lesson went alright, because the mom doesn't encourage her kids to go to church or anything like that. She won’t change either. Just patience i guess. Their time will come. And that was pretty much it. 
  Well thanks for everything. i love all of you. i miss all of you. Make sure to read, pray, everyday! IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT! Just do it! haha. Love yall! Have a great next week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

WORMS IN THE FOOD?! WHAT?!! Email 11/3/2014

The Salas Family * Does the Elders Laundry

Happy 20th Dallon!

Even Birthday Cake!!

So pday, we played a bit of soccer after eating pizza with my bday kit. It was sweet! Then later we had a FHE, but the family never showed up... oh well, next time i guess.
  Tues, we couldnt find anyone to come with us to our appointments so we didnt teach much. Its hard to find the dads or just men in the house because they are all working until late. That has been the main problem this transfer. Oh ya just so you all know i have had worms like 8 times in my food this past week... oh the mission life. haha. But you gotta eat. Bleh, but needless to say i have lost my appetite a few times. 
   Wed, today we talked with gianfranco. We answered a few of his questions and then talked to him about doing missionary work as a member and he told us about a girl that he knows who might like to hear our message! So he is going to talk to her!!! A missionary in the making! Later we had an appointment with a recent convert who is less active.... it went well. Half the appointment we teach the gospel and the other half english. haha. It is the only way that he will make an appointment with us, but you do what you gotta do. 
 Thurs, we had exchanges and elder fernandez came here and my comp went to his area. We made a ton of appointments today and thats about it. 
  Fri, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We did nothing to celebrate haha. Today we were in a taxi almost the whole time. We had to take elder scott to the mission home and then another elder and then we had to go and pick them up. ugh. I got a little sick because the people here drive crazy. A person rear ended us too haha, not hard but still, and they basically just went on as if nothing had happened. What the crap, when i rear ended someone at home (and it wast hard at all) i had to pay $1500. what the heck. haha. 
  Sat, November! wahoo! Today we visited a kid named Steve who already knows a ton about the church and has been going to church for about 2 months and wants to be baptized but his parents wont sign the permission slip.... ughhhhh. Its ok though, we now just need to baptize the parents first!!! haha. 
  Sun, fast sunday! The testimonies were good, but the meeting ran 40 min late. haha, then after the other 3 elders had a baptism. super cool. and then we ate a ton of food for lunch and i said goodbye to a few people because i probably will be transferred, but ya! thats it!
   Thanks for all the emails and letters and things that you all have sent me! i love all of you and wish the best for you and praying for all of you! Have a great next week!