Monday, November 17, 2014

ALMOST ELECTROCUTED!! So happy God protects his missionaries! Email 11/17/2014

A fun trip to the Zoo on P-day!

The water heater that gave Elder Maxwell a bit of a ZAP!

A fun Stake program!

A great baptism day!

Too cute!!

MONDAY, Pday!!! Today we went to the parque de las leyendas, which is a big zoo!!! It was sweet and i will send a bunch of pics to show you how it was! 
TUESDAY, today we taught a new investigator named alex, he is 29. His ex-wife is lds. He has had a pretty rough life lets just say and he wants to get out of it and start anew. We had a great lesson with him and we will be visiting him a lot this next week to help him progress. 
WEDNESDAY, today we visited a less active kid who has a broken leg and he cant leave his bed. Cool kid and cool lesson too. We are taking advantage of this opportunity because we know that he is there all day every day due to his leg so... we gotta teach him!!!
THURSDAY, today we taught a contact that we made yesterday and come to find out that he is a preacher at a local church... we actually have similar beliefs. He believes that we need prophets now in our day, that they are absolutely necessary. Which is great! He just thinks that god is a spirit, so we just have to help him with that. He is also going to read the book of Mormon! Awesome!!! i cant wait for our next appointment!!!
FRIDAY, we had a lot of appointments fall through. It seems that every week we have one or two days like this and i dont like it. But we just keep on working. 
SATURDAY, today in the morning we practiced singing for a special musical number that we are going to do for an area 70 that is going to come and then after i went to take a shower because i didnt have time earlier and i almost died!!! I was showering and the cables got too hot and exploded and the water heater thing caught fire, i was able to jump out in time before it fully electrocuted me, but it did zap me a little. It freaked me out but i am good! haha. God saved me! i am glad to be a missionary! God protects us really well for these 2 years!  Then there was a dance activity thing in the stake. Cool!
SUNDAY, today was the primary program. Cool. Then i got the privilege of baptizing two little girls who are 8. They are cousins, a super cool experience. I felt the spirit so strongly during it. Also the one girls dad was here visiting from iquitos. His wife is a member and he isn’t and the cool thing is that after the baptism he came up to me and said that he wants to be baptized too, before he leaves back up to iquitos to work which is in like a week and a half. So we are going to be working super hard with him to prepare him for it! So cool! The example of an 8 year old girl and the power of the Holy Ghost that was there during the baptism touched his heart. So cool. I love the mission.
  Well thats all folks! i hoped you enjoyed! i love and miss you all and i hope that you all have a great next week!

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