Wednesday, November 26, 2014

TENNIS IN PERU!! Email 11/24/2014






MONDAY, today we played tennis if you can believe it!!!! Coolest p day ever!!! I played with a couple elders who know how to play and it was a blast! I loved it! But man do I need to practice when I get back. haha. 
TUESDAY, today we taught Tracys dad, Javier. He has a huge desire to have a happy family and to be baptized. He is actually leaving to Iquitos this Saturday and we might be able to baptize him with special permission before he leaves but we will see, but he will be baptized. Whether it be now or in the future. Cool guy.
WEDNESDAY, today we taught Javier again, twice actually. haha. He is so cool. I can already see the change in him. He is reading the book of mormon and praying. Soo cool. He cant be baptized this Saturday, but when he gets back from Iquitos I hope that I can go to his baptism and wedding. because he isnt married yet... haha. 
THURSDAY, today we got to listen to elder wadell from the 70! sooooo coool. We shook his hand and then he talked to us about how we can improve as missionaries and what are some of the goals that we should set. I learned a lot from him. It was awesome! Then we talked to Javier again to help him prepare and then with another investigator who we need to get to go to church.. haha. Working on it!
FRIDAY, today we talked to Gianfranco. He is doing great! Then we also had our weekly planning session. Which im not a huge fan of, but you just gotta do it!
SATURDAY, today we did a service project. A lot of spiders.... ugh. It lasted a little too long and threw off our schedule and then a lot of appointments fell through. dang it. 
SUNDAY, was ward conference. A lot of sustaining and then after we visited an investigator, named Jose who doesnt listen to us and goes off on politics or history and a bunch of weird things. He gives me a headache. It’s really hard to get a hold of the conversation without interrupting him. Then we talked to 2 new investigators. It went well, but im not sure about their future, If they are going to progress or not. We will see how things go. 
  That is all! Thanks everybody for being so awesome! I love and miss you all! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! 

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