Sunday, November 9, 2014

WORMS IN THE FOOD?! WHAT?!! Email 11/3/2014

The Salas Family * Does the Elders Laundry

Happy 20th Dallon!

Even Birthday Cake!!

So pday, we played a bit of soccer after eating pizza with my bday kit. It was sweet! Then later we had a FHE, but the family never showed up... oh well, next time i guess.
  Tues, we couldnt find anyone to come with us to our appointments so we didnt teach much. Its hard to find the dads or just men in the house because they are all working until late. That has been the main problem this transfer. Oh ya just so you all know i have had worms like 8 times in my food this past week... oh the mission life. haha. But you gotta eat. Bleh, but needless to say i have lost my appetite a few times. 
   Wed, today we talked with gianfranco. We answered a few of his questions and then talked to him about doing missionary work as a member and he told us about a girl that he knows who might like to hear our message! So he is going to talk to her!!! A missionary in the making! Later we had an appointment with a recent convert who is less active.... it went well. Half the appointment we teach the gospel and the other half english. haha. It is the only way that he will make an appointment with us, but you do what you gotta do. 
 Thurs, we had exchanges and elder fernandez came here and my comp went to his area. We made a ton of appointments today and thats about it. 
  Fri, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We did nothing to celebrate haha. Today we were in a taxi almost the whole time. We had to take elder scott to the mission home and then another elder and then we had to go and pick them up. ugh. I got a little sick because the people here drive crazy. A person rear ended us too haha, not hard but still, and they basically just went on as if nothing had happened. What the crap, when i rear ended someone at home (and it wast hard at all) i had to pay $1500. what the heck. haha. 
  Sat, November! wahoo! Today we visited a kid named Steve who already knows a ton about the church and has been going to church for about 2 months and wants to be baptized but his parents wont sign the permission slip.... ughhhhh. Its ok though, we now just need to baptize the parents first!!! haha. 
  Sun, fast sunday! The testimonies were good, but the meeting ran 40 min late. haha, then after the other 3 elders had a baptism. super cool. and then we ate a ton of food for lunch and i said goodbye to a few people because i probably will be transferred, but ya! thats it!
   Thanks for all the emails and letters and things that you all have sent me! i love all of you and wish the best for you and praying for all of you! Have a great next week!

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