Wednesday, December 24, 2014

HEADED TO LOS ANGELES?! WHAT? Email 12/24/2014

MONDAY, so i said goodbye to everyone because i am headed to Los Angeles Vitarte! to finish training Elder Vinces!!! cool! We will see how this goes!!!
  TUESDAY, my area is awesome. I am in los angeles california. haha. jk. It is a nice area. Really calm and there are a lot of parks. The pension is great. Shes really young. She and her husband are return missionaries. They are the best. My comp is Elder Vinces and he is a recent convert. he was baptised like a year ago. pretty. cool!.
 WEDNESDAY, today i got to know a couple people. There is a hippi in this ward who speaks 5 languages including english. He is the coolest, but also a little strange. He went with us to do visits and as he was talking he switched languages and started talking in english. haha. Then something cool, we talked to the bishop and he had a list of all the elders that had visited his home and matt davidsons cousin was on the list. The one that served here! cool! small world.
THURSDAY, today we had zone mtg. Elder dykman is now my zone leader. Cool. There are also 3 pairs of sister missionaries here and are all in my district haha. cool. Then after i had to stay home with Elder Juarez he is in our room and he has a bad back and couldnt walk, anyway long story short i had to stay with him.
FRIDAY, we had a mtg in la molina for all the trainees, with president. It was really cool and i learned a lot about how to train and what to expect and it was sweet being able to hear from President Boswell. He is soo cool.
SATURDAY, we talked to this guy who basically has the bible memorized. It was interesting. Really cool actually. Just he didnt believe us about the B of M or that we lived with God before this life, but it was good.
SUNDAY, church! The ward is nice. We started way late though and i also gave a talk on the Book of Mormon and repentance. Which was cool. Then after we had a Christmas devotional where we as a zone sang with a choir and stuff. It was sooooo cool and President Boswell came. it was amazing. The spirit was super strong there. I sent some pics of us in our santa hats. haha.
  well thats about it for this week! thank you all for everything! i love you all and MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!!

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