Thursday, December 11, 2014

OPERATION SMILE! Email 12/8/2014


MONDAY, December!!! and p day! well this p day was a little boring. We went help some elders move rooms and there were a ton of elders and just a little bit of work. so ya. oh well. its still service i guess! 
TUESDAY, we had district mtg, the usual. Then after we went to visit a new investigator, but her aunt was outside and when we asked if the girl was there she said... get out of here!!! You arent welcome here!!! That made me feel great..... then we had a fhe with a less active family. We invited them to go to church and they ended up going! wahoo!
WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY we got to do a huge service project with Operation Smile! which is a program for kids with cleft lips and pallets, if that is what it is called. I cant remember. haha, but it took all day, both days. . I will send some pics!
FRIDAY, we helped paint a house. Fun! Then we taught a new investigator named Brandon who wants to be baptized in the future, oh he is 25 by the way, but we need his parents to sign a permission slip. Everything has its order! but cool! He will be baptized in the future!
SATURDAY, we visited some people. I actually forgot to write in my journal this day, sorry. but i will update it tonight! No worries!
SUNDAY, we had church! It was great! I love fast and testimony meeting. You can always feel the spirit! Then after we went to visit Steve's dad, who we have been teaching a bit, and as we get there, we see a funeral and it turns out that his dad, with whom we had the appointment, died yesterday in a car crash.... so sad. We gave Steve the plan of salvation to read and study and something really cool, Steve told us that now he really wants to be baptized so that he can do the baptisms for the dead, but for his dad. So cool, but so sad. Wow. we weren't expecting that.  After, we got to watch the Christmas devotional which was great! I loved the music especially, it made me a little trunky. 
  Well thanks everyone for everything! I love you all! Have a great next week!

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