Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Peruvian Style! Email 12/2/2014

ok so this week...
  On p day we did a couple of different things, we played dodgeball with toilet paper rolls, we played a little volleyball and frisbee and soccer of course. It was a blast. 
  Then during the week we had a couple lessons with some of the new investigators that we have. The only problem is that they havent been coming to church. So this next week we are going to focus on getting them to church because they need to go in order to progress to baptism. One lesson that we did have with a less active I felt the spirit very strongly. Every time that we had taught him a scripture came to my mind. I never shared it though because the conversation changed or because the scripture was strongly worded if you know what i mean. But during the lesson i ended up sharing it and i felt the spirit so strongly. I knew that it was what he needed. Something that he needed to change. So now we will see if he actually applies it. but i know that we have done our part in teaching.
   Another lesson we had was cool, it was actually a contact that we had done, but he let us in his house. We didnt have much time but we taught him and his sister. His name is Marcos and his sister is Lesley. They had a lot of questions. They really arent members of any church. Well, i mean they dont go to any church, but it was cool because i could tell that Lesley could feel the spirit in a way. She could see the light that we had. I am excited to keep teaching them. 
  On sunday elder haught was way sick. I actually stayed in the room with him all day and my comp did exchanges with elder otriz so that they could go to all the appointments in both areas. It was a nice rest. haha. We talked, studied, slept a little. It was nice. 
  Thanks everyone for everything! I Love You All!!!! have a great next week!

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