Monday, January 26, 2015

9 MONTHS TO GO!!! WOW TIME FLIES! Email 1/26/2015

Pres. Boswell's house...WHAT!! Super showers!

Pres. Boswell

MONDAY, P day! Today McKenna wrote to me for the last time as a missionary. Crazy. But I know that she has been an extremely successful missionary. Without a doubt! So today we went to pres. Boswells house and had p day with him. It was great. We ate sloppy joes. sooooo goood. haha. Then we had a great fhe with a family and we talked about how to keep that foundation in Christ so that we can overcome the adversary. It went great and the sister said that she was going to apply that lesson in her visiting teaching! Cool!
TUESDAY, we had district mtg. and then after I did divisions with one of the zone leaders. We had a lot of success starting off this week. We talked to Lenning and it was so cool because he recognized that he received and answer from god!!!!!!!! SOOO AWESOME!!!! I felt the spirit sooo strong. I was so happy that someone else had a similar experience like mine, knowing that God was there and that this is the true church on the earth. He now has a baptism date but he doesnt live in our area so we will see how this plays out. 
WEDNESDAY, today we talked to the gringo from Utah. That was fun. haha. English!!!! Then we visited a new family that moved into our ward. They are active. More reinforcements!!! haha. 
THURSDAY, today as we left we started out without much luck but then we were able to get a hold of a recent convert that we haven’t visited in a long time! Miracle!!! So we were able to chat with him and we tried to help him out so that he would come back to church. 
FRIDAY, I completed 15 months today! 9 to go! Wow time flies. So today also started out a little rough. The guy that was going to accompany us for two hours had to do some work. That changed our plans a bit but we kept on looking for people to teach. Then we had a fun activity with the ward. A sportish thing. It was fun. Even though we couldn’t participate. Dang it. 
SATURDAY, it started out well. We had 8 appointments set but 4 fell through... man.... but we were able to visit Yajaida, the chosen one, with a member, and we had a great lesson. She is progressing really well and has a huge desire to come unto Christ. I admire her faith. So cool. 
SUNDAY, we tried to get people to come to church, but they couldn’t.... so sad sometimes. Then during church they talked a lot about repentance and the sacrament. It was great! Then we got to eat with the gringo! And he made American spaghetti!!! Rico!!!! Sooo good but then long story short another sister thought that she was supposed to give us food so we had to go eat at her house too. We ate twice. Peruvian style, or in other words, a ton of food. We were so stuffed to the point of almost throwing up. haha. And then that night we had a fhe with the pension of the other elders in our room and we made tacos. Food food food. haha. But it was great.
  Well I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! ustedes son lo maximo! cuidense!

Friday, January 23, 2015

23 APPOINTMENTS!!! "THE FRUITS" Email 1/19/2015

MONDAY, today we played soccer and watched ICE AGE 2, which was fun, I enjoyed it. Then we had a FHE with the Rios family about gratitude. It went really well. We built up a lot of confidence with them.
TUESDAY, today we had district mtg and learned about how we can better work with members to find investigators and help them remain active. Then after we had an appoint. with a new investigator named Mariella. She is awesome but recently she broke that bone on the side of her foot that i cant remember what its called. haha. so ya, it is going to be hard for her to go to church. However she does have a big desire to go to church and to even be baptized! So we are going to be praying so that she can get better!
WEDNESDAY, today we talked to an investigator named Lennin. He is 17, super cool. His brother is a member and he has already read part of the book of mormon. We had a super spiritual lesson and I know that he is going to progress. He has the potential of becoming a missionary!!!! How cool would that be?
THURSDAY, we talked to a less active kid named Rudy. We helped him with some stuff that he needed and then he introduced us to his less active friend! Sweeeet! More and more people to help and to teach! I am loving it!
FRIDAY, today started out bad. As we were walking to go eat breakfast in the morning a bird decided to poop on my nice white shirt. haha. So i had to go change again, but it was  hilarious. Then we went to our adventist friend who knows everything about the bible. So he had read the book of mormon but with the wrong intention. He marked everything that he thought was wrong in the book....... ya..... it made me really sad honestly. He just cant except the fact that there could be another book besides the bible. Its just like the prophecy in 2nd nephi 29 where it says    a bible! a bible! we have a bible and we dont need any more bible! sigh........ so sad sometimes.
SATURDAY, today we talked to 2 investigators. Mariella and Martin, they both are really cool. i feel like they both are going to be baptized in the future. i can just feel it!
SUNDAY, today i gave a talk in church about how the book of mormon is like a modern liahona to help guide us through the wilderness and to eternal life. Then throughout the day we visited a lot of young people. It was great. Something crazy..... this next week we already have 23 appointments!!!!!! what!?!?!?!  the fruits! the fruits! i love the mission!
   So that was more or less my week. Its hard to describe exactly how every lesson  goes and how it feels. It's sort of just being there and feeling it. The spirit is really strong in the mission. You can feel the spirit in every lesson. Its awesome.
   Well i love you all and hope that you all have a great next week and especially in seeing McKenna come home!!!!!!!!! haha. love you all!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not." Email 1/12/15

MONDAY,  We went to the center of Lima and bought a couple of souvenirs and ate at McDonalds!!! I loved it!
TUESDAY, today I did divisions. I went with elder Rodriguez from Chile to his area for a day. It was fun.  He’s actually from my group. We worked hard and I got to know a lot of people. I really enjoyed it and I also learned a lot, and hot water! haha. It was the best! 
WEDNESDAY, back in Los Angeles with cold water... haha. I read a cool scripture today in D&C 6 vs 36.  It says... look unto me in every thought, doubt not fear not. Cool. Then we visited our old friend who knows a ton about the bible. He still hasnt read the book of mormon but he says that he will do it. Paciencia no mas. 
THURSDAY, we visited George, a recent convert. We taught about the sacrament and invited him to bless it this next week. He was super excited to do it. So cool. He is a good convert. Oh ya, we also had our zone mtg today and it was cool. I learned a lot about revelation. It was awesome. 
FRIDAY, today we found a new less active family that just moved here. They havent gone to church in a really long time, but we are going to change that! And some of their kids arent baptized! A whole family! So cool! 
SATURDAY, we had a lesson with a new investigator. His name is Luis. His parents are members but now go to a different church, but we hope to baptize him and activate his family!
SUNDAY, we had stake conference. It was good. Pres Boswell talked and he did great! Like always. We then later found and taught 2 new investigators! wahoo! And then we visited a recent convert who had some problems, but we went with 4 members and wow. What a lesson. They talked most of the time but the spirit was there and we really helped him and his family. Members are the best!
  Well thank you all for everything. You are all awesome and I love you all! I miss you all tons too! Take care and have a great next week! Love ya!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Elder Maxwell aka SAMUEL THE LAMANITE! Email 1/5/2015

MONDAY, we just played soccer and watched Ice Age. It was fun.
TUESDAY, today was good we had a lesson with an investigator who is 18. He wasn’t really interested in what we had to say but we did find his need in the end. He isnt sure if God really exists or not. So we are going to try to help him with that. Then there was a New Year activity at the church for New Years. It went well even though it started 2 hours late. haha. La hora peruana. (Peruvian time).
WEDNESDAY, last day of 2014! How crazy is that!?. Today we found a new less active to teach so hopefully we can help him progress and reactivate him. We will see.
THURSDAY, 2015!!!!! Wow! So at midnight a bunch of fireworks went off, not as many as Christmas, but still a ton. So today we had district meeting and then after me and my comp had some interesting experiences. First, we went to go and find some less actives houses and when we got there an old lady started throwing rocks at us from the third floor. haha. The first one almost hit me in the head. Haha, but I was Samuel the Lamanite in that moment so it was alright. Then later that night we went to the pension to eat dinner and she wasnt there and instead of just sitting and waiting we decided to keep looking for more houses. As we did so, we talked to these 3 half drunk kids like in their 20s, and they have a bunch of awesome questions like where did we come from, which is the true church, stuff like that haha. So we are going to start teaching them. Diligence brings blessings!
FRIDAY, today I studied some cool stuff about prayer. The point of prayer is not change the will of God, yet obtain the blessings that God is willing to give us or to other people, but we should ask for them in order to receive them. And also PREACH MY GOSPEL says, to pray with real intent means that we are committed to act upon the answers that we receive! So true!
SATURDAY, today we visited a ton of less actives with the elder quorum pres. It was cool because one less active stepped outside right as we walked by. Perfect time and in the right place! Cool!
SUNDAY, church at 8 am! It was great! After church we visited a new investigator. Her name is jahaida. i think thats how you spell it. Anyway, she is a chosen one! haha. We had a good spiritual lesson and as she said the closing prayer she started to cry. I know that she is going to be baptized. So cool!
  Well that was my week! Thank you all for the support and for all you do! You are all the best! Love yall!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


MONDAY, today we had the Christmas p day with president. We ate cookies watched the Grinch, sang a bit, and then had a really spiritual devotional. It was cool.
TUESDAY, today I had to do splits with elder Gutierres and we found this guy who wants to be baptized. He has been receiving the missionaries for a while now. Really cool, but he isn’t in my area, but that’s ok.
WEDNESDAY, Christmas eve! Wow, so many fireworks. sooooo cool and loud. Beforehand we visited a bunch of families and one of the daughters of one of the families is visiting from Lehi Utah! Small world haha. We talked a lot about Utah haha. 
THURSDAY. Merry CHRISTmas!!!!! It was so awesome talking with all of you! I loved the skype call. My sisters are growing up! HAPPY BDAY KIERA!!!!! 18 years old, that’s nuts. Then we had our fun Christmas zone activity. I got some dart guns as my gift. haha. Cool. Then we ate some food and ya. thats about it haha. 
FRIDAY, we had to take my comp to migrations early in the morning. No sleep. Then elder juarez went home due to a hernia in one of his spinal discs. I feel bad a little, but maybe the Lord needs him at home for some reason. So now we are in a trio for a little while. We now have, 2 wards, 2 pensions, 2 areas, yet still only 1 bathroom. haha. So we worked in both areas today, mostly in the other area. It’s a little hard, a lot of extra walking haha. We will see how this goes. 
  SATURDAY, we taught a recent convert named George, who looks exactly like gianfranco. haha. Then we taught a member about missionary work and he is going to try to get us some references! Sweet!!!!
SUNDAY, we went to 2 sacrament meetings today. haha. They were both good. Something cool also happened. The elder who baptized my comp lives close by and he came to visit. How cool. My comp was way happy.  Then we taught a new investigator named martin and he is interested in the book of mormon!!! So awesome! The fruits of our labors!!! I am sooo happy! 
  Well thank you all for everything! i love and miss you all! MERRY CHRISTmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!