Friday, January 23, 2015

23 APPOINTMENTS!!! "THE FRUITS" Email 1/19/2015

MONDAY, today we played soccer and watched ICE AGE 2, which was fun, I enjoyed it. Then we had a FHE with the Rios family about gratitude. It went really well. We built up a lot of confidence with them.
TUESDAY, today we had district mtg and learned about how we can better work with members to find investigators and help them remain active. Then after we had an appoint. with a new investigator named Mariella. She is awesome but recently she broke that bone on the side of her foot that i cant remember what its called. haha. so ya, it is going to be hard for her to go to church. However she does have a big desire to go to church and to even be baptized! So we are going to be praying so that she can get better!
WEDNESDAY, today we talked to an investigator named Lennin. He is 17, super cool. His brother is a member and he has already read part of the book of mormon. We had a super spiritual lesson and I know that he is going to progress. He has the potential of becoming a missionary!!!! How cool would that be?
THURSDAY, we talked to a less active kid named Rudy. We helped him with some stuff that he needed and then he introduced us to his less active friend! Sweeeet! More and more people to help and to teach! I am loving it!
FRIDAY, today started out bad. As we were walking to go eat breakfast in the morning a bird decided to poop on my nice white shirt. haha. So i had to go change again, but it was  hilarious. Then we went to our adventist friend who knows everything about the bible. So he had read the book of mormon but with the wrong intention. He marked everything that he thought was wrong in the book....... ya..... it made me really sad honestly. He just cant except the fact that there could be another book besides the bible. Its just like the prophecy in 2nd nephi 29 where it says    a bible! a bible! we have a bible and we dont need any more bible! sigh........ so sad sometimes.
SATURDAY, today we talked to 2 investigators. Mariella and Martin, they both are really cool. i feel like they both are going to be baptized in the future. i can just feel it!
SUNDAY, today i gave a talk in church about how the book of mormon is like a modern liahona to help guide us through the wilderness and to eternal life. Then throughout the day we visited a lot of young people. It was great. Something crazy..... this next week we already have 23 appointments!!!!!! what!?!?!?!  the fruits! the fruits! i love the mission!
   So that was more or less my week. Its hard to describe exactly how every lesson  goes and how it feels. It's sort of just being there and feeling it. The spirit is really strong in the mission. You can feel the spirit in every lesson. Its awesome.
   Well i love you all and hope that you all have a great next week and especially in seeing McKenna come home!!!!!!!!! haha. love you all!!!!!!!!!

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