Friday, January 9, 2015

Elder Maxwell aka SAMUEL THE LAMANITE! Email 1/5/2015

MONDAY, we just played soccer and watched Ice Age. It was fun.
TUESDAY, today was good we had a lesson with an investigator who is 18. He wasn’t really interested in what we had to say but we did find his need in the end. He isnt sure if God really exists or not. So we are going to try to help him with that. Then there was a New Year activity at the church for New Years. It went well even though it started 2 hours late. haha. La hora peruana. (Peruvian time).
WEDNESDAY, last day of 2014! How crazy is that!?. Today we found a new less active to teach so hopefully we can help him progress and reactivate him. We will see.
THURSDAY, 2015!!!!! Wow! So at midnight a bunch of fireworks went off, not as many as Christmas, but still a ton. So today we had district meeting and then after me and my comp had some interesting experiences. First, we went to go and find some less actives houses and when we got there an old lady started throwing rocks at us from the third floor. haha. The first one almost hit me in the head. Haha, but I was Samuel the Lamanite in that moment so it was alright. Then later that night we went to the pension to eat dinner and she wasnt there and instead of just sitting and waiting we decided to keep looking for more houses. As we did so, we talked to these 3 half drunk kids like in their 20s, and they have a bunch of awesome questions like where did we come from, which is the true church, stuff like that haha. So we are going to start teaching them. Diligence brings blessings!
FRIDAY, today I studied some cool stuff about prayer. The point of prayer is not change the will of God, yet obtain the blessings that God is willing to give us or to other people, but we should ask for them in order to receive them. And also PREACH MY GOSPEL says, to pray with real intent means that we are committed to act upon the answers that we receive! So true!
SATURDAY, today we visited a ton of less actives with the elder quorum pres. It was cool because one less active stepped outside right as we walked by. Perfect time and in the right place! Cool!
SUNDAY, church at 8 am! It was great! After church we visited a new investigator. Her name is jahaida. i think thats how you spell it. Anyway, she is a chosen one! haha. We had a good spiritual lesson and as she said the closing prayer she started to cry. I know that she is going to be baptized. So cool!
  Well that was my week! Thank you all for the support and for all you do! You are all the best! Love yall!

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