Saturday, February 28, 2015

Elder Maxwell * DISTRICT LEADER!! Email 2/2/2015

MONDAY, p day! So today we played a little tennis at the church! Fun! and then we got the transfers and nothing changed. So ya, everything is normal. Well not completely because I am District Leader now!! wahoo! cool. I am excited to learn from this. It should be interesting. 
TUESDAY, Today started out well because a brother came to do visits with us which was awesome, but after that all of our appointments fell through..... but we kept looking and looking and finally found a less active and his son in law who isnt a member! Blessings! 
WEDNESDAY, today we visited an investigator named Diego, he has a baptism date for the 28 of February. His family are less actives so we are going to try to baptize him and reactivate his family at the same time! He is really cool and he has a lot of questions about the plan of salvation, actually as we were talking a bit I took out the lesson one pamphlet to give to him but then I felt like I wasn’t supposed to leave that lesson with him, I felt like it needed to be lesson 2, on the plan of salvation. So I gave it to him and then I asked if he had any last minute questions and he had a ton and they were all about the plan of salvation!!! Wow! I had received revelation in order to help him with what he needed! Cool! 
THURSDAY, my first district meeting! So I talked about the spirit and how it is essential in teaching as missionaries and also in everyone’s conversion. It went really well! I was satisfied. Then I was also able to do my first baptism interview!!! Which also went really good! 
FRIDAY, I had to go to a training thing for new district leaders. It was awesome and I learned a ton from it. The only bad part is that it ran really late and we weren’t able to teach very much. 
SATURDAY, today we finally got a member to come with us on visits, but no one was home. What luck. I was a little frustrated today, but what can you do. Just keep swimming! 
SUNDAY, fast sundae! The testimonies were great and the spirit was really strong today. It was very pleasant, but then my vision got a little blurry and I just about fainted during my fast. Then I had to rest for like 2 hours due to the splitting migraine it gave Me, but after that we taught a preach my gospel class that was super fun. We did practices and stuff. It was fun. 
   So ya, that is my week in a nutshell. Thanks for being such great people and for your support! I love you all! And happy birthday mom!! This week! Love ya!!!!!

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