Saturday, February 28, 2015


MONDAY, so today we went to Gamarra, a big street full of stores, mostly clothing. I was bored. I didn't buy anything. ha-ha. 
TUESDAY, we had district mtg and i taught about how to ``always keep your fishing line in the water`` or in other words, to always be searching to find new people. It went awesomely. Then we taught a less active and i think that we finally got through to him! wahoo!. 
WEDNESDAY, today we had all of our appointments fall through, so we contacted, which as you all know, i dont like. My weakness, but i am getting a lot better. We contacted 23 people and we found a new family of four to teach and a group of friends as well… 9 of them!!! Awesome! Blessings!!!! We have been trying to be super obedient and we have seen the blessings for sure. 
THURSDAY, today we were able to do divisions and we were also able to teach 11 lessons!!!! Insane! So many blessings! 
FRIDAY, today we also contacted a lot. I am overcoming my fear of doing it! Then later we taught 4 new investigators! The group of friends, only 4 showed up. It would be awesome if we could baptize all of them!
SATURDAY, we did 23 contacts! And then we taught 2 new investigators one named Hector who is from that family of 4. He’s the dad and then we taught a girl named Angi, who is very intelligent and strict with her life. Ha-ha. Super cool though. Both of them have a lot of potential. Today we also found a lot of people to teach. One guy opened up his door and said that he didnt have time right then but that he was very interested in our message and asked us to go back next Saturday and we didn’t say hardly anything. Ha-ha. Sooo cooool. Then we contacted a guy who then bought us a inca kola and some chips. Ha-ha. The people here are so nice. 
SUNDAY, church was great like normal! We ate Pachamanca today for lunch. Delicious. Then we taught another new investigator! Named Ruby. Her husband is inactive and she is really interested. Maybe we can baptize her and rescue her husband! Win win! Sweet. i am soooo happy right now. President put up indicators of excellence which are 25 lessons, 10 new investigators, and 70 contacts in one week. And this week we had 28 lessons, 11 new investigators and 76 contacts!!!!! We did it!!!!!!!! We are working hard and i love it! Soooo many blessings have come our way and i am so grateful! And this week the missionaries from the ccm or mtc, are coming to our area to work!!! So exciting!  And now I also dont have a fear to contact I have overcome it!. I love it now! 
   Thank all of you for everything that you have done for me! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!


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