Saturday, February 28, 2015

READ...PRAY...EVERY DAY!!! Email 2/9/2015

MONDAY - Pday, soccer. Normal.
TUESDAY, we were able to find a new less active to teach that has been coming to the church activities. It is hard sometimes because the people understand the doctrine but they don’t put it in practice. It is hard to find a way to touch their heart so that they can realize the blessings that they are missing. They say they have a testimony and that they love god but they don’t go to church......
WEDNESDAY, today we taught Diego, and he brought his girlfriend! It was cool because during the lesson I could see that each of them had felt the spirit. I could tell just by looking at them! Cool!
THURSDAY, we went to the TEMPLE!!!! Awesome. I had a really cool experience. I was in the celestial room, and I ended up being the last person there. So I decided to kneel down and just offer a prayer. I had such a peaceful feeling. It was truly amazing and edifying! The spirit is amazing. I love the temple. It is truly the house of God.
FRIDAY, today we had zone mtg. it went well. We learned how to extend commitments. There are always things that we can improve on! Then we had a surprise division with one of the 3 zone leaders. They are in a trio. So he came to our area but we delayed a lot do to some errands that we had to do. Then that night we went to an activity in the ward and I got to play a little bit of tennis haha. It was part of the activity and it was awesome!
SATURDAY, we finished up divisions which also ended up delaying a ton due to traffic that was caused because someone got hit crossing the street...  it can be very dangerous here.  Nothing else honestly happened today.
SUNDAY, I gave a talk about missionary work. I focused on our testimonies. How everyone has unique experiences and as we share them the spirit can also testify very strongly that what we are saying is true and how through small things like a testimony can bring about miracles. I enjoy giving talks. Then we had preach my gospel class, and it was cool because the bishop shared his conversion story with me and it helped me a lot. So awesome.
   That’s all folks! Thank you for all your support and for everything. Read Pray every day!!! Love you all! Have a great next week!

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