Monday, March 23, 2015

MORONI 7: 45-47 EMAIL 3/23/2015

MONDAY, pday! Today we made German pancakes! yum!!! delicious!!! I was super trunky. haha. Not really but it did remind me of home. Then later we taught 2 new investigators! Awesome! They came to church for an hour and then asked us to visit them! The hand of the Lord!!! He is constantly guiding us to people! 
TUESDAY, today in district meeting i talked about the importance of goals, but not just for us as missionaries but also for our investigators, like giving them a baptismal date. Then we did some practices and stuff and it went swimmingly. It was cool because during my meeting on of the APs was present and afterward he thanked me for what i had taught and said that i did a great job. Cool. I love feeling the spirit as i teach. One of the best sensations ever! After we taught out investigator Daisy, but this time her aunt listened to us too! Awesome!!!! 
   WEDNESDAY, today as we left in the morning we contacted a guy who ended up letting us into his house to teach him. (this doesnt happen very often) we had a very spiritual lesson. We answered some of his questions and taught him how to pray. As he said the closing prayer he started to cry. He said that all of the people who had taught him, there was something different about us. He said that our message touched his heart. That he not only learned, but that he felt it in his heart, that it was true. Cool. Now there is one more son of God who is now communicating with his father. Amazing. 
THURSDAY, today we had a multi zone in Chaclacayo. I learned a lot about grace. Really cool. We also got to watch Meet the Mormons!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo goood. I loved it. I recommend it to everyone!!! After that we talked to a couple of investigators who are going to come to church! Awesome!!! 
FRIDAY, today we talked to manuel carrion about the sacrament. It was a great lesson. At the end he said that he had learned and that he would strive to get to church in order to take it. Then it was cool because we taught an 8 yr old about the restoration. He is preparing to get baptized.  (his family are members) but it was cool to teach just the basics. Like it says in PMG, teach in such a way that even a child could understand it. Sweet. 
SATURDAY, today we talked to two investigators, angi and diego. They are both progressing slowly... we have been helping them but they are teenagers and are having a hard time applying the doctrine. Patience, patience young padowan. hughhhhhhhh......
SUNDAY we finally got our investigator sergio to go to church and he stayed for the whole time! He participated and everything! He is also excited to be baptized here in the near future! wahooooo!!!!

  Well that is my week in a nut shell! Oh ya i also saw a hit and run yesterday. haha. ya..... Well i love you all! Be safe! Read pray every day! And be happy! Love you all!!!!!

**oh if you could i have a scripture for everyone. one that you probably all know but it is awesome! In Moroni 7 verses 45 through 47**

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SURROUNDED BY GIRLS??!!! Email 3/16/2015

MONDAY, pday! We said goodbye to everyone today because my comp, elder vinces is going to my last area in las magnolias! haha. Cool. I am staying here as district leader! Sweet!
TUESDAY, so today i met my companion elder arroyo who has the same amount of time as elder vinces. He is 23 or 24. He is cool. I am excited to see how this next transfer goes. I feel like I am going to learn a lot. Oh and ya i now have 2 more sisters in my district. The elders joke around saying that i am the relief society president. haha. Surrounded by girls, just like at home! haha. 
WEDNESDAY, we had a couple of problems that i had to take care of and then afterwards i got back late soooo ya we didnt have very many lessons that day haha.
THURSDAY, today i taught my first district meeting this transfer. I taught about how changes (cambios) aren’t just changes in areas or a change of companions but also a change in who we are and what we do, a change of being.  It was cool because after everyone went around and said what they learned and it was cool as the members of my district talked about what they had learned. It helped me feel like i had made a difference that helped them.  Then after we also had a couple of problems and we only were able to teach one lesson. But it was a very spiritual lesson with a member who is having some problems in his family. The spirit was way strong there. 
FRIDAY, today i felt the spirit a lot. First we were walking and i felt like we had to knock on a door. We did and we ended up teaching a new family. They let us right in, they had been taught by the missionaries before but then they had stopped visiting them. A new family! Awesome! Then daniel maita took us to an investigator. It was cool because daniel, who is less active, taught with the spirit.  Daniel is awesome. Then we took him home at night and chatted outside his house. The spirit was also really strong there, but then it was funny because a guy started bathing on the other side of the street with a bucket. Lovely. haha. 
SATURDAY, today we taught a bunch of investigators who are progressing slowly. We are also trying to prepare george, a recent convert to go and do baptisms for the dead. The only problem is that the temple just closed for a month or two. Dang it, but thats ok. We will just have to be patient. We have also been contacting a lot. Whenever our appointments fall through which almost always happens, we contact. But i love it. You never know who you are going to meet! 
SUNDAY, today was awesome. After church we ate lunch with the bishop and i think that it was the best meal that i have eaten here in Peru. It was soooo good and then we went with daniel again to visit prudencio, the investigator who actually has a granddaughter in the mission. Anyway, as we were talking he told us that he wanted to be baptized, but not just that, but that he wanted to be baptized in the river! Cool. We are going to be working with him these next few weeks in order to prepare him for that day! Awesome! He also started crying in the lesson as we talked about his granddaughter and how him getting baptized is something that she wants him to do too. So cool. The spirit is amazing. 

   Well that is my week for ya. Thanks for all that you guys do! You’re the best! i love all of you! Have a great next week! Love yalls!

Monday, March 9, 2015

ROBBED!!!! WHAT?!!!! Email 3/9/2015

Love that boy!!

Soccer Fun!

I think it may be time for new shoes!!!

P DAY! So we went to the center of Lima to buy some stuff including McDonalds!!!! rico!!!!
TUESDAY, today we talked to George, a recent convert, and lets just say he is awesome. haha. Then we talked to Manuel and taught the restoration again to help him remember and once again he said that he learned a lot! I love it when people say that! It means that our work with them has paid off! 
WEDNESDAY, today i did a baptismal interview in san Francisco(a city in Peru).  She is an older lady who was really nice. Then we had a really cool lesson with Diego. The spirit was strong as we talked about our real purpose in life and our purpose as missionaries in order to help people achieve eternal life. Awesome. 
THURSDAY, today we visited a less active named Daniel Maita. It was cool because in a visit a while back i used an example of enduring to the end, something that like a primary teacher would use. Anyway, and he loved it and now he applies it to everything and thanked me over and over again for it. Soooo cool. O ya, sooooo get ready for my experience.....
     We were going to play soccer at 5:30 in the morning with the zone and we took a little combi (like a van) at 5:00 and as we were going along the combio stopped to let some people off  and what happens... i get robbed.  Ya! He stole my book of mormon.... at first i made a smart alec comment. haha. i said. Read it! It will help you!!!! haha. Which is true, but then as we were going i remembered that there were 330 soles in there which is about equivalent to 100 dollars.... it was the money for our laundry and pension. So ya, we will see what happens with getting this money back. But i feel bad because that was my book i have carried all of my mission with my scriptures that i have marked and stuff. But ya, i can officially say that i have been robbed!!! Wahooo!!!!!
SUNDAY, we gave talks about missionary work. It went great. I love giving talks and then we ate lunch with Manuel and a recent convert named Sally. We talked to Sally about a mission. She is 16. The spirit was way strong right then and her desire to go has grown! Then after that literally in 10 minutes three different people contacted US and asked us to visit them. Cool.
   And that is my week folks! Thanks for all that you do! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love yalls!

Monday, March 2, 2015


MONDAY, p day! And 16 months in the mission! Wow! Time flies! Today we cooked tacos! Rico! which took forever, but it was worth it. After that we contacted a reference. His name is Sergio and he is chosen! He literally started crying in the street because he wanted to change his life so bad. Wow. Miracle in finding him.
TUESDAY, my last district meeting this transfer because the next one will be a zone meeting. But ya. It went well. I felt the spirit as i was teaching, which to me is the most important thing. After that i got my package! Thanks to all who sent something in it! You are all the best people ever!  Then we taught a whole family of new investigators who want to go to church! How awesome is that! Then we taught Sergio, and it was cool because we gave him a baptismal date for the 28th of march and his mom was there too. She was interested and also accepted the baptismal date! What!?!?!? Cool!!! That makes me so happy!
WEDNESDAY, today we taught some teenage investigators. Well, a brother and a sister and to start off they just wanted to talk about worldy things.... and we did, to start off, just to gain a little confidence, but then the spirit helped us change to spiritual things and as i was talking i felt the spirit sooo strongly. The sister almost started crying. Neat experience! When we first got there, they didnt care about spiritual things, but now i hope that they changed their minds a bit and i hope that at least i planted a seed somewhere in their hearts.
THURSDAY, today we had interviews with Pres. Boswell! He is awesome! He told me to write my legacy, to think about what i want people to remember about elder Maxwell and who i want to become in the end. It helped me reflect a little. It was cool. After we talked to Manual Carrion, the less active. Once again, after the lesson he thanked us and said that he had learned a lot that day. Sweet!!!
FRIDAY, today we taught Angi. We tried to give her a baptismal date but she didnt really understand the idea of putting it as a goal. She said that she wasnt ready yet. So we will just have to be patient. Then we found a new investigator who has received the missionaries before! Sweet! 
SATURDAY, today we taught an investigator who likes to talk. A LOT. it is hard to stay on topic....  then we talked to Kevin and we are trying to help him remember everything. 
SUNDAY, fast Sunday!  The testimonies were good. Afterwards we contacted a lot, not with much luck, knocking every single door. Ha-ha, but it was fun. So this week i was reading about Moroni in Alma 48 verses 11 through 13 and verse 17. Moroni is a great example to us…, loving, charitable, grateful, who serves his fellow man, and righteous. If we can be like this there is a huge blessing in verse 17. Please read it!!!
   That is all for this week! Thank all of you for everything! Really!!! i love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love ya!!!!