Monday, March 9, 2015

ROBBED!!!! WHAT?!!!! Email 3/9/2015

Love that boy!!

Soccer Fun!

I think it may be time for new shoes!!!

P DAY! So we went to the center of Lima to buy some stuff including McDonalds!!!! rico!!!!
TUESDAY, today we talked to George, a recent convert, and lets just say he is awesome. haha. Then we talked to Manuel and taught the restoration again to help him remember and once again he said that he learned a lot! I love it when people say that! It means that our work with them has paid off! 
WEDNESDAY, today i did a baptismal interview in san Francisco(a city in Peru).  She is an older lady who was really nice. Then we had a really cool lesson with Diego. The spirit was strong as we talked about our real purpose in life and our purpose as missionaries in order to help people achieve eternal life. Awesome. 
THURSDAY, today we visited a less active named Daniel Maita. It was cool because in a visit a while back i used an example of enduring to the end, something that like a primary teacher would use. Anyway, and he loved it and now he applies it to everything and thanked me over and over again for it. Soooo cool. O ya, sooooo get ready for my experience.....
     We were going to play soccer at 5:30 in the morning with the zone and we took a little combi (like a van) at 5:00 and as we were going along the combio stopped to let some people off  and what happens... i get robbed.  Ya! He stole my book of mormon.... at first i made a smart alec comment. haha. i said. Read it! It will help you!!!! haha. Which is true, but then as we were going i remembered that there were 330 soles in there which is about equivalent to 100 dollars.... it was the money for our laundry and pension. So ya, we will see what happens with getting this money back. But i feel bad because that was my book i have carried all of my mission with my scriptures that i have marked and stuff. But ya, i can officially say that i have been robbed!!! Wahooo!!!!!
SUNDAY, we gave talks about missionary work. It went great. I love giving talks and then we ate lunch with Manuel and a recent convert named Sally. We talked to Sally about a mission. She is 16. The spirit was way strong right then and her desire to go has grown! Then after that literally in 10 minutes three different people contacted US and asked us to visit them. Cool.
   And that is my week folks! Thanks for all that you do! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love yalls!

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