Monday, March 2, 2015


MONDAY, p day! And 16 months in the mission! Wow! Time flies! Today we cooked tacos! Rico! which took forever, but it was worth it. After that we contacted a reference. His name is Sergio and he is chosen! He literally started crying in the street because he wanted to change his life so bad. Wow. Miracle in finding him.
TUESDAY, my last district meeting this transfer because the next one will be a zone meeting. But ya. It went well. I felt the spirit as i was teaching, which to me is the most important thing. After that i got my package! Thanks to all who sent something in it! You are all the best people ever!  Then we taught a whole family of new investigators who want to go to church! How awesome is that! Then we taught Sergio, and it was cool because we gave him a baptismal date for the 28th of march and his mom was there too. She was interested and also accepted the baptismal date! What!?!?!? Cool!!! That makes me so happy!
WEDNESDAY, today we taught some teenage investigators. Well, a brother and a sister and to start off they just wanted to talk about worldy things.... and we did, to start off, just to gain a little confidence, but then the spirit helped us change to spiritual things and as i was talking i felt the spirit sooo strongly. The sister almost started crying. Neat experience! When we first got there, they didnt care about spiritual things, but now i hope that they changed their minds a bit and i hope that at least i planted a seed somewhere in their hearts.
THURSDAY, today we had interviews with Pres. Boswell! He is awesome! He told me to write my legacy, to think about what i want people to remember about elder Maxwell and who i want to become in the end. It helped me reflect a little. It was cool. After we talked to Manual Carrion, the less active. Once again, after the lesson he thanked us and said that he had learned a lot that day. Sweet!!!
FRIDAY, today we taught Angi. We tried to give her a baptismal date but she didnt really understand the idea of putting it as a goal. She said that she wasnt ready yet. So we will just have to be patient. Then we found a new investigator who has received the missionaries before! Sweet! 
SATURDAY, today we taught an investigator who likes to talk. A LOT. it is hard to stay on topic....  then we talked to Kevin and we are trying to help him remember everything. 
SUNDAY, fast Sunday!  The testimonies were good. Afterwards we contacted a lot, not with much luck, knocking every single door. Ha-ha, but it was fun. So this week i was reading about Moroni in Alma 48 verses 11 through 13 and verse 17. Moroni is a great example to us…, loving, charitable, grateful, who serves his fellow man, and righteous. If we can be like this there is a huge blessing in verse 17. Please read it!!!
   That is all for this week! Thank all of you for everything! Really!!! i love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! Love ya!!!!

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