Thursday, April 16, 2015

NEW OLD PEOPLE!! Email 4/13/2015

MONDAY, today we played volleyball and dodgeball and ate hamburgers. Rico!!!! haha. After that we taught Gianpierre the recent convert less active haha, and it went great. He is excited to go back to church. Now that school has started again. Then we talked to Prudencio an investIgator who is older and progresses slowly. We need to talk to his other family members first. 
TUESDAY, today we contacted a reference and we ended up teaching him! He is 17. Named Bryan. It was cool! We will see how it goes with him. Then we taught Manual Carrion and it was awesome because we applied a trip that he went on to the gospel. It was sweet! Then we also helped a family that is about to be separated, but they are doing a lot better now. 
WEDNESDAY, this morning, we finally found some old investigators who want to start back up with the lessons! How cool is that! Then we found another one who also wants to have a change of heart let’s just say. Coolio!!! New old people!!!! Yes!!! Then we also taught Sergio who is progressing at his own pace, but he is progressing. I might not be able to see a lot of these people get baptized but I am happy and grateful to be a part of their conversion process. 
THURSDAY, today we taught a less active family but it was a little difficult because we didnt have a whole lot of confidence with them and when we asked questions, they didnt answer them,.... I felt bad. We want to help them but we cant figure out how.
  FRIDAY, today was a little rough. We had a lot of people fall through but at the same time we did make a lot of appointments! We talked to Daisy today and she is ready and everything, but we cant seem to find her dad when he is home to talk to him about the permission... we will see. Sigh......
SATURDAY, today on the other hand was great! We had a lot of good lessons. We taught investigators, some new less actives and at the same time we contacted a lot! Very successful and we also were able to find new investigators!!! Oh i love it!  It is nice when patience pays off. 
SUNDAY, I gave a talk. I talked about the importance of reading our scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon. I love giving talks. Ha-ha. I used to not like it a lot but now I love it! Ha-ha.  Then  we helped out with an activity that night and we were also able to give a couple blessings. That is always a neat experience… to be able to use the power from heaven, according to the faith that they have. Awesome. 
  Well that is my week for ya. I am so grateful to be here. I love it. I learn every day and it’s the best. The best two years. I love you all and hope that you have a great next week! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


MONDAY, Pday! We played soccer, ate some food. ya. haha
TUESDAY, today we talked to Diego Mundo´s brother, who, to come to find out, isnt a member! Cool. So now we are going to try to teach them both and hopefully activate their parents. We also taught Renato today. Cool kid. He read what we had left him and prayed! Now we just need to help him recognize his answer! We then taught Manual Carrion. He is progressing slowly..... but he is progressing at least. We are going to keep working with him a little longer. 
WEDNESDAY, today was a great day. We started out contacting, taught one of our contacts. cool! Then we taught Daisy. Who is progressing very well, we just need to talk to her dad now.  We then taught Jorge, who I think will get baptized in the future. The only problem is that they aren’t married, but he really wants to change.   Then later we taught one of Daniel Maita´s friends who doesn’t completely believe in God. Interesting, but he is curious about the church and what we teach, so we will see how this goes. 
THURSDAY, today we taught an 8yr old who is preparing for baptism. Sometimes it is difficult to keep his attention, but it is cool to teach in such a basic way. We were also then able to teach Gianpierre, a recent convert who we hadn't seen for forever. It was nice to teach him after such a long time. He had been falling away a bit, but now wants to come back and stay strong. 
FRIDAY, today we had an activity for Easter, which basically took all day, well not really, but a lot of time. We watched the testaments. Really cool, a ton of people loved it. So it was a success! 
SATURDAY. Conference!!!! Wow I love conference! The spirit is there as we listen. I learned a lot. A lot of the speakers talked about the family. They put a big emphasis on it. Super cool! I especially loved one of the 70s talk about learning to dance. He said that someone can teach us how to dance but we have to hear the music. Or in other words, we can learn the gospel teachings but if we don't hear the spirit, to testify that it is true, then it will be hard to receive all the blessings. Just like it is hard to dance without music or a beat. Really cool. 
SUNDAY, this morning I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time! It was a neat experience to pray about it again to see if it was true. My testimony has been strengthened. The Book of Mormon is amazing… The teachings that it has helps in everything.   Then we watched conference again!!! Wahoo!!!! The talks were also amazing. I love conference! haha. I like to think that we really aren't listening to our church leaders, but literally we are listening to God…. The things that He wants us to hear at this time. It is just the best.  Afterwards we were able to teach one lesson to Renato. He has a lot more confidence with us and tells us how he feels. He has a strong desire to change. We just need to continue helping him find his answer from God, that this is what he has been searching for. 

   Well that was my week! Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. You are the best people on the face of the planet! I love you all. Happy Easter! Let us remember the true meaning of it and ponder on our Savior and the opportunities that He has given us! Love you all! Take care! Have a great next week!

11 year old missionary...How cool is that??!! Email 3/30/15

MONDAY, we played soccer. That’s it, but then we did have a great lesson with our investigators named Jorge and Angela. They aren’t married yet but they do have the desire to be baptized!!! Awesome!!! So we will see. 
TUESDAY, today we had district meeting. I taught about how to find people’s needs in order to help them progress. It went great!  Later we talked to Manuel carrion about the temple. He said that he would like to go, but he needs to go to church first! haha.  Then we were able to find a less active who is going through a couple of trials lets just say. She saw us and then came over and knocked on our door and then asked us to go and visit her. Cool! And then on Sunday she came to church!!! Awesome!!
WEDNESDAY, what a day. First, early in the morning we went to play soccer and then we decided to walk back, because we didnt have any money. haha. And as we did, we ran into one of my investigators from Pariachi!!! named Yensi Calderon. I asked her how she was and she told me that she had been baptized in December!!!! How cool is that!!!! Then later, we visited Angi, who received an answer to her prayer!!! Wow!!!! Then we talked to Daisy the 11 yr old investigator who also told us that she knows the church is true and that she takes the BOM to school and reads it during recess, but that not all, one of her friends asked her what it was and she explained it to her!!! Wow. That is just awesome!!! 
THURSDAY, we did service today. We got to knock down a little building. Fun! But then we had to take all the bricks to a dump place a little far away. Not fun! haha and painful. But I do love service. Then later we did divisions with elder Batty. Cool. Oh ya, today we did a special fast as a mission for all of our families and especially for a family of an elder whose mom is going to have surgery. It feels really cool coming together as a mission in order to help someone. Such power, then we had an amazing lesson about the plan of salvation. I think that was one of the best that I have taught. It was great. Ping ping, the spirit, inspired questions, it was just great. 
FRIDAY, I got a little sick do to the fast, but I got better quick. Then we went to Manuel Carrion again and had a great lesson. We just need him to go to church. grrrrrr a little frustrating at times. That was pretty much it. 
SATURDAY, we had a good day. We found a new investigator who ended up coming to church! He is 18 and pretty cool! We are also planning on teaching his family! Awesome!!!! Then we talked to Sergio, who still has a big desire to change, we are just having a tough time finding time to teach him. But we will be persistent! 
SUNDAY, the testimonies were good today. A lot of people came to church, just the majority weren’t there for the full 3 hours, so they dont count as progressing. Man.... but that is ok! Patience and prayer!  From there we also had some great lessons. We talked to a family that is really struggling right now. Life can be rough. Then we also talked to an 18 yr old who says he wants to go on a mission but he is less active. So we are trying to help him prepare. Maybe even take him with us on a couple of visits.
Well, that was my week in a nutshell! I love all of you and thank all of you for what you have done for me! I hope that you all have a great next week! And a great general conference!!!!! Love you all!!!     Elder Maxwell