Thursday, May 28, 2015


MONDAY, pday! We went to Jicamarca! My old area! Weird to see it again and I also ran into one of the members that I had taught! Cool!!!! They still remembered me! Crazy, that was over 1 year ago. Time flies!
TUESDAY, today we taught 2 new and cool investigators. Santiago and Trinidad. They are an older couple who are having a few family problems but they do know one thing, that god can help them. So they are listening to us and like the lessons. We will see where this goes! Helping people is the best!
   WEDNESDAY, we had district mtg today. Then after we talked to our pensions dad named Jorge who is going to church but isnt a member. He just learns a little slow so it is taking a little bit of time. Then we just contacted a bit. The fear that i have keeps getting smaller and smaller still! 
THURSDAY, we had a lot of success today. We got a member to go with us almost the whole day! We talked to a bunch of investigators. Mostly women haha because we need a preisthood holder to go with us. But we made a lot of progress today thanks to the member that went with us. 
FRIDAY, we did divisions with the zone leaders today. I stayed in the area. We had an ok day. We did find and teach 2 new investigators. It was awesome! We contacted someone and they let us teach them. Cool! That doesnt happen really often. So now we have appointment with them to go back! Sweet! We will see if they progress!
SATURDAY, we taught a new less active! He was born into the church and his wife is a convert but he has a couple of things mixed up. We are trying to help him with that so that he can come back and see the blessings. Cool scripture. 3 nephi 18 vs, 32.

32Nevertheless, ye shall not cast him out of your synagogues , or your places of worship, for unto such shall ye continue to minister; for ye know not but what they will return and repent, and come unto me with full purpose of heart, and I shall heal them; and ye shall be the means of bringing... 

 We also had the adult session of stake conference. It was amazing! Elder Uceda of the 70 was there. I learned a ton and felt the spirit. sooooo cool! 
SUNDAY, stake conference. Amazing. Absolutely awesome! The spirit was way strong! I also got to see some old members from Jicamarca! One of the investigators I taught like 3 times was baptized with her whole family!!! Cool! And a recent convert couple that I taught got sealed! They sent me an invitation, but it never got to me..... but thats ok! It is the ordinance that really matters so I am super happy! oya! Today we also contacted a girl that was sitting in a park and come to find out she is a member! She was baptized when she was 8. Now she doesnt go but she was happy to see us and wants to go back! Cool! I know that through small and simple things, the lord brings to pass miracles. Just by talking to someone in a park! Sweet!
   Well that was my week in a nutshell! Thank all of you for what you have done for me to help me get to where I am! I love all of you! The church is true! Talk to yall next week! 

LITTLE MIRACLES! Email 5/25/2015

MONDAY, we got to watch Frozen!!! Wahoo! It was pretty good. Then we had FHE and it went great! We talked about trusting in the lord. So important!!!!
TUESDAY, we had district mtg in English! We learned a little bit about using our time wisely. There is always room to improve!!! After we taught Luciana and helped her understand a little more about the importance of the book of mormon. Then we contacted a bit. Trying to find new people to teach! And a cool scripture that Jesus gave to the 70 that he sent on missions. In luke 10 verse 19

19Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. 

WEDNESDAY, today we contacted a bit and had a lot of success with it but a lot of the people were just busy at that moment. We did teach our investigator that is in a wheelchair. He is learning a lot and loves it when we go and teach him.
THURSDAY, we did a little service project for the guy in the wheelchair. We organized a few things and cleaned up a little bit. I love service! You always feel way good after.  Then later we saw a mini miracle. We were going to teach a recent convert with one of her friends and the priesthood holder couldnt go with us, so we didnt know what to do and then 2 members drove past and we stopped them, they helped us, and the lesson was incredible. The spirit was way strong and just wow! I was so grateful for that. 
FRIDAY, today we taught Angel and Andres. Little by little they are getting there. Then we taught two other investigators. Isau and Milagros and they got more and more curious about our message! poco a poco! Then we found the need of one of the less actives that we are teaching! The spirit helped us get it out of him. Now if he acts, it can all get better. Cool experience too! 
SATURDAY, we contacted the whole day. haha. 33 contacts nothing else, but we did find some new people. We just need to go and teach them now. With faith, everything is possible! 
SUNDAY, church was great. The spirit is the best thing that exists. Later we taught a new family of investigators! The first lesson went well and was full of the spirit! We now have another appointment to go back! Then we taught another new investigator named Irania and she had a ton of questions. She understood the restoration very well and it was super cool. She said that she was going to read and pray. 

   I love this work really, it is the best. I just have feeling of peace knowing that slowly I am making my way back to my father in heaven. I love all of you! Thanks for everything! Have a great next week!

Monday, May 11, 2015


MONDAY, today we didnt have p day, but we did get to do our pre call for mothers day which was awesome to hear your voices! The best! Then after we had kinda a rough day. The lessons fell through, but we did make a bunch of appointments. We did have a noche de hogar which went great! We shared a lesson on courage and for standing up for what you believe in! We always need to remember who we are and what it is that we stand for! 
TUESDAY, Pday! and TEMPLE!!! When we were about to get there I felt like as if we were going to Disneyland. haha. The temple has sooo much power and the spirit. It was a great experience. I also got to buy a new triple. Finally haha. Then after we taught Luciana. She likes to learn and is very intelligent, but she does need to pray to get an answer, but we are working on that! 
WEDNESDAY, we did divisions today! I went with elder Tello into his area. We talked to a lot of investigators. Sometimes its hard because people let us teach them but they dont see the importance of it. They just look at it as if it is just something good to do or listen to, but they dont think to apply it. I feel bad sometimes. It’s sad really, you want to help someone but they cant see what we see.  Then we had a way fun noche missional, played a bunch of games. It was fun! 
THURSDAY, district mtg today! We talked about opening our mouth and also the sister leaders came to teach us about family history work.  After we were able to talk to some investigators. Elena and Pablo. It was a great lesson. I think that it helped them light that spark again, to listen to the missionaries and maybe even go to church. Then we also talked to Luciana who is doing awesome. she felt the spirit in the lesson, I just know it. She is getting there! 
FRIDAY, we had two lessons with investigators. They both are there, but not there. We are working with them to help them go to church. It might take some time, but its worth it! Then we just contacted all day. Trying to find new people. 
SATURDAY, all our lessons fell through and we contacted all day. But i felt good about it! 
SUNDAY, we got to talk to our families!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was sooo awesome to get to see all of you again! You have all grown up soooo much! Crazy the changes that can happen in just 2 years! And happy mother’s day again mom!!!!!! After the call we taught a lesson to a family. Well a member and we taught about Lehi’s dream and how we can continue on the path holding fast to that iron rod. It was a great lesson. 
That was my week! Thank you all for your support and your prayers and for everything! I love all of you! Have a great next week!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUM...CHICKEN FEET! Email 5/4/2015

White shirt of new missionary
Not so white shirt of Elder Maxwell 18 months!!!

MONDAY, soccer! Like normal. There are only elders here so everyone wants to play soccer. haha. Then we had a FHE with a member family. It was fun! Games and food. Delicious! haha.
TUESDAY, today we taught a couple, one is a member and the other isnt. The girl, who isnt a member wants to get baptized but her partner who is a member doesnt really want to go back to church.......... what the poop......  man. Then we talked to a family of investigators. Only one of them is a member. We invited 2 of them to baptism. Both accepted but only one accepted a date. But thats ok! Success!!!! WAHOO!  
WEDNESDAY, today we had to look for a new pension, because the one we have right now cant anymore. Then we taught an investigator named jimmy. He knows a lot and is very humble but he doesnt quite want to commit himself to actually apply the teachings.... poco a poco.  So here are two scriptures that are really cool in the bible. One is in john 14 vs 27 and the other is in james 1 vs 27. Really cool.  So after all of that we had noche misional and watched a video called I will not burn that book. About a guy finding a book that had the title and intro erased. He then read it and prayed about it. Then was converted to it, then started to preach with it. (he was a preacher for a church.) Then after many many years found out that it was the book of Mormon and then many years after that was baptized. sooo cool. 
THURSDAY,  we had zone meeting in english... haha cool. We learned about how to find new people to teach. So after we contacted a whole mountain side. We found a couple of new people who are possibilities to teach. Sweet! 
FRIDAY. First day of May! Time flies! So today was a little better. We had one lesson!!! haha and we contacted a ton again!  So one of my contacts was way cool in less than 20 seconds I made an appointment with a guy through an intercom. Awesome! haha. Anyway. contacting. haha love it! Oh ya. I ate chicken feet today!!!! rico!!!! 
SATURDAY, we found 2 new investigators today! A family really. We had contacted the mom and then a week later we taught a lesson! Cool! Now we just need to get to know her husband and teach the whole family together! We also talked to a family of seven. Four girls and one boy, just like us! Cool. 
SUNDAY, well so just a quick thing, our room is full of cockroaches and mosquitos. I dont even know where they come from, but ya. Anyway, church was great. After church we ate steak. It was sooo goood. I ate 3 and 2 potatoes and a mountain of rice. It was amazing. Meat, i havent eaten meat in over 3 months. So then we had a cool experience. The Lord guided us to a less active who had a marriage problem this morning. So we were able to talk to him and help him. It is cool how the Lord leads us to the people in need. It’s incredible really and it happens every day! Amazing. 
   Well that was my week, more or less. I love all of you. i hope to see many of you on mother’s day! Take care! Love yall!



Back to Campoy

PDAY! So today we played a little ping pong and soccer. Then after we said goodbye to people because I am getting TRANSFERED back to Campoy!!!! In Carapongo this time not Jicamarca. But it will be interesting going back to the same zone. I am going to be with elder Pineda de Mexico!!!!! A new adventure! And HAPPY BDAY KAYLA!!!
TUESDAY, so first day in Carapongo. Well first of all this morning Pres Boswell talked to us and also his parents were there visiting and they bore their testimonies in English and it was incredible. So cool. So now about my area...... dirt and mountains of dirt, that’s about it. haha. This is going to be a humbling experience I think. But i am excited. My comp has 3 months in the mission. He is 21 and from Mexico. He is really cool. He is ready to work. I am excited! So much walking though, haha. My feet havent hurt this bad for a while. Rocky roads haha.
WEDNESDAY,  so back to ice cold showers! haha. Yes!!!! So today we talked to 2 investigators. The people here are soooo humble and are ready to accept the gospel. Everyone is more or less willing to listen at least. Incredible. Our area is huge. Haha, and full of dirt. haha. A lot of contacting too. I love it!!!!!!! And today! HAPPY BDAY TO BRYNNA!!!
THURSDAY, I now officially have 18 months in the mission today. Crazy. So today we talked to some more investigators. This area is full of investigators. A little different from my last area haha. We walk soooo much haha. Oya, so we had district mtg today. Our district is HUGE! There are 4 elders! hahaha. Me and my comp and the other 2 elders that our in our room. Elder Tello and elder Anderson. Elder Tello is brand new and Elder Anderson only has 8 months. I AM OLD. haha. But its fun and i love it!!!!: haha. I am happy! 
FRIDAY, today long story short. All lessons fell through and we just contacted. But i was satisfied. and happy. So its all good! . 
SATURDAY, we had a ward baptism today! Well branch baptism haha. We later taught Renaldo and 18 yr old who wants to follow Christ. Cool! He accepted a baptism date and then we taught 3 more investigators who are starting to progress a little. Cool people. Sooo many investigators, but no one goes to church......
SUNDAY, church was great. Full of the spirit, after we went around talking to members mostly. But we helped them grow spiritually! That’s about it.
  Well thank you all for being Soooo awesome! The church is true! I love you all! Have a great next week! 


MONDAY, so today we got to go to the center of Lima again. A little boring because i didnt really buy anything, but i cant complain, it is always cool to walk around and look at stuff. After that we only had one appointment but it was a blessing to be able to find that person so i am happy! 
TUESDAY,  today was our last district mtg for this transfer. It went well. Sister harrop and Sister villarini shared their last testimonies because they are going home!!!! Crazy. They are from my group in the mtc!!! thats nuts.  After the mtg we sort of had a rough day, 4 appointments fell through, anyway and a couple other things but ya its all good! 
WEDNESDAY, today the same thing happened. I dont know how, throughout this whole week we had 31 set appointments and the majority fell through. poop. Anyway we did find and teach a guy who had a ton of questions and crazy ideas about the church, interesting. 
THURSDAY, today a missionary in this ward came home from serving his mission in Kentucky! cool. i did splits with him while my companion went with the bishop. We had a baptism interview for the sisters in my district which was awesome. Anyway, the missionary is named Marco. He speaks good english. Weird because we watched him get released. Strange feeling. 
FRIDAY, we had a little more success today. We finally found a less active and encouraged them to go to church. It went great! but they didnt go..... then we taught to Prudencio who is progressing. We just have to get him to go to church too! grrrr..... haha. 
SATURDAY, today we had the missionaries from the ccm come and we did splits with them. I went with elder neubert from north carolina. They assigned us to a tiny area and we literally almost knocked on every single house. haha. It was fun. after those 3 hours. haha., We were walking and i had the impression to go and visit Alfonso, a recent convert. So we went and he had just got home and had been praying for us to go and visit him. sweet! The spirit never tells a lie! 
SUNDAY, the talks in sacrament were amazing! I felt the spirit a ton. It was way cool. I loved it. After church we visited a couple of less actives to say goodbye to them. Yhere are a lot of great people here. I will miss some of them, but when the Lord calls, he calls. So we will see.
  Well that is my week. Sorry that it wasnt super eventful. But i did feel the spirit throughout the week. and that's the most important. The spirit. I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week!