Monday, May 11, 2015



Back to Campoy

PDAY! So today we played a little ping pong and soccer. Then after we said goodbye to people because I am getting TRANSFERED back to Campoy!!!! In Carapongo this time not Jicamarca. But it will be interesting going back to the same zone. I am going to be with elder Pineda de Mexico!!!!! A new adventure! And HAPPY BDAY KAYLA!!!
TUESDAY, so first day in Carapongo. Well first of all this morning Pres Boswell talked to us and also his parents were there visiting and they bore their testimonies in English and it was incredible. So cool. So now about my area...... dirt and mountains of dirt, that’s about it. haha. This is going to be a humbling experience I think. But i am excited. My comp has 3 months in the mission. He is 21 and from Mexico. He is really cool. He is ready to work. I am excited! So much walking though, haha. My feet havent hurt this bad for a while. Rocky roads haha.
WEDNESDAY,  so back to ice cold showers! haha. Yes!!!! So today we talked to 2 investigators. The people here are soooo humble and are ready to accept the gospel. Everyone is more or less willing to listen at least. Incredible. Our area is huge. Haha, and full of dirt. haha. A lot of contacting too. I love it!!!!!!! And today! HAPPY BDAY TO BRYNNA!!!
THURSDAY, I now officially have 18 months in the mission today. Crazy. So today we talked to some more investigators. This area is full of investigators. A little different from my last area haha. We walk soooo much haha. Oya, so we had district mtg today. Our district is HUGE! There are 4 elders! hahaha. Me and my comp and the other 2 elders that our in our room. Elder Tello and elder Anderson. Elder Tello is brand new and Elder Anderson only has 8 months. I AM OLD. haha. But its fun and i love it!!!!: haha. I am happy! 
FRIDAY, today long story short. All lessons fell through and we just contacted. But i was satisfied. and happy. So its all good! . 
SATURDAY, we had a ward baptism today! Well branch baptism haha. We later taught Renaldo and 18 yr old who wants to follow Christ. Cool! He accepted a baptism date and then we taught 3 more investigators who are starting to progress a little. Cool people. Sooo many investigators, but no one goes to church......
SUNDAY, church was great. Full of the spirit, after we went around talking to members mostly. But we helped them grow spiritually! That’s about it.
  Well thank you all for being Soooo awesome! The church is true! I love you all! Have a great next week! 

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