Monday, May 11, 2015


MONDAY, today we didnt have p day, but we did get to do our pre call for mothers day which was awesome to hear your voices! The best! Then after we had kinda a rough day. The lessons fell through, but we did make a bunch of appointments. We did have a noche de hogar which went great! We shared a lesson on courage and for standing up for what you believe in! We always need to remember who we are and what it is that we stand for! 
TUESDAY, Pday! and TEMPLE!!! When we were about to get there I felt like as if we were going to Disneyland. haha. The temple has sooo much power and the spirit. It was a great experience. I also got to buy a new triple. Finally haha. Then after we taught Luciana. She likes to learn and is very intelligent, but she does need to pray to get an answer, but we are working on that! 
WEDNESDAY, we did divisions today! I went with elder Tello into his area. We talked to a lot of investigators. Sometimes its hard because people let us teach them but they dont see the importance of it. They just look at it as if it is just something good to do or listen to, but they dont think to apply it. I feel bad sometimes. It’s sad really, you want to help someone but they cant see what we see.  Then we had a way fun noche missional, played a bunch of games. It was fun! 
THURSDAY, district mtg today! We talked about opening our mouth and also the sister leaders came to teach us about family history work.  After we were able to talk to some investigators. Elena and Pablo. It was a great lesson. I think that it helped them light that spark again, to listen to the missionaries and maybe even go to church. Then we also talked to Luciana who is doing awesome. she felt the spirit in the lesson, I just know it. She is getting there! 
FRIDAY, we had two lessons with investigators. They both are there, but not there. We are working with them to help them go to church. It might take some time, but its worth it! Then we just contacted all day. Trying to find new people. 
SATURDAY, all our lessons fell through and we contacted all day. But i felt good about it! 
SUNDAY, we got to talk to our families!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was sooo awesome to get to see all of you again! You have all grown up soooo much! Crazy the changes that can happen in just 2 years! And happy mother’s day again mom!!!!!! After the call we taught a lesson to a family. Well a member and we taught about Lehi’s dream and how we can continue on the path holding fast to that iron rod. It was a great lesson. 
That was my week! Thank you all for your support and your prayers and for everything! I love all of you! Have a great next week!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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