Monday, May 11, 2015


MONDAY, so today we got to go to the center of Lima again. A little boring because i didnt really buy anything, but i cant complain, it is always cool to walk around and look at stuff. After that we only had one appointment but it was a blessing to be able to find that person so i am happy! 
TUESDAY,  today was our last district mtg for this transfer. It went well. Sister harrop and Sister villarini shared their last testimonies because they are going home!!!! Crazy. They are from my group in the mtc!!! thats nuts.  After the mtg we sort of had a rough day, 4 appointments fell through, anyway and a couple other things but ya its all good! 
WEDNESDAY, today the same thing happened. I dont know how, throughout this whole week we had 31 set appointments and the majority fell through. poop. Anyway we did find and teach a guy who had a ton of questions and crazy ideas about the church, interesting. 
THURSDAY, today a missionary in this ward came home from serving his mission in Kentucky! cool. i did splits with him while my companion went with the bishop. We had a baptism interview for the sisters in my district which was awesome. Anyway, the missionary is named Marco. He speaks good english. Weird because we watched him get released. Strange feeling. 
FRIDAY, we had a little more success today. We finally found a less active and encouraged them to go to church. It went great! but they didnt go..... then we taught to Prudencio who is progressing. We just have to get him to go to church too! grrrr..... haha. 
SATURDAY, today we had the missionaries from the ccm come and we did splits with them. I went with elder neubert from north carolina. They assigned us to a tiny area and we literally almost knocked on every single house. haha. It was fun. after those 3 hours. haha., We were walking and i had the impression to go and visit Alfonso, a recent convert. So we went and he had just got home and had been praying for us to go and visit him. sweet! The spirit never tells a lie! 
SUNDAY, the talks in sacrament were amazing! I felt the spirit a ton. It was way cool. I loved it. After church we visited a couple of less actives to say goodbye to them. Yhere are a lot of great people here. I will miss some of them, but when the Lord calls, he calls. So we will see.
  Well that is my week. Sorry that it wasnt super eventful. But i did feel the spirit throughout the week. and that's the most important. The spirit. I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week!

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