Monday, May 11, 2015

YUM...CHICKEN FEET! Email 5/4/2015

White shirt of new missionary
Not so white shirt of Elder Maxwell 18 months!!!

MONDAY, soccer! Like normal. There are only elders here so everyone wants to play soccer. haha. Then we had a FHE with a member family. It was fun! Games and food. Delicious! haha.
TUESDAY, today we taught a couple, one is a member and the other isnt. The girl, who isnt a member wants to get baptized but her partner who is a member doesnt really want to go back to church.......... what the poop......  man. Then we talked to a family of investigators. Only one of them is a member. We invited 2 of them to baptism. Both accepted but only one accepted a date. But thats ok! Success!!!! WAHOO!  
WEDNESDAY, today we had to look for a new pension, because the one we have right now cant anymore. Then we taught an investigator named jimmy. He knows a lot and is very humble but he doesnt quite want to commit himself to actually apply the teachings.... poco a poco.  So here are two scriptures that are really cool in the bible. One is in john 14 vs 27 and the other is in james 1 vs 27. Really cool.  So after all of that we had noche misional and watched a video called I will not burn that book. About a guy finding a book that had the title and intro erased. He then read it and prayed about it. Then was converted to it, then started to preach with it. (he was a preacher for a church.) Then after many many years found out that it was the book of Mormon and then many years after that was baptized. sooo cool. 
THURSDAY,  we had zone meeting in english... haha cool. We learned about how to find new people to teach. So after we contacted a whole mountain side. We found a couple of new people who are possibilities to teach. Sweet! 
FRIDAY. First day of May! Time flies! So today was a little better. We had one lesson!!! haha and we contacted a ton again!  So one of my contacts was way cool in less than 20 seconds I made an appointment with a guy through an intercom. Awesome! haha. Anyway. contacting. haha love it! Oh ya. I ate chicken feet today!!!! rico!!!! 
SATURDAY, we found 2 new investigators today! A family really. We had contacted the mom and then a week later we taught a lesson! Cool! Now we just need to get to know her husband and teach the whole family together! We also talked to a family of seven. Four girls and one boy, just like us! Cool. 
SUNDAY, well so just a quick thing, our room is full of cockroaches and mosquitos. I dont even know where they come from, but ya. Anyway, church was great. After church we ate steak. It was sooo goood. I ate 3 and 2 potatoes and a mountain of rice. It was amazing. Meat, i havent eaten meat in over 3 months. So then we had a cool experience. The Lord guided us to a less active who had a marriage problem this morning. So we were able to talk to him and help him. It is cool how the Lord leads us to the people in need. It’s incredible really and it happens every day! Amazing. 
   Well that was my week, more or less. I love all of you. i hope to see many of you on mother’s day! Take care! Love yall!

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