Tuesday, July 14, 2015


MONDAY, pday! well due to some elders who didnt have their room clean the whole zone had to have a room cleaning pday! fun. haha.  After that we talked to Antony. It is just a little hard to get him to believe in something that he cannot see but he is getting better with that,just with time, just like Ricardo haha. 
TUESDAY, today we were able to teach a new investigator named Christian, he is 20 and he just needs a little bit of help in his life with motivation and stuff. We had a good first lesson with him and we are going to go back this next week. Then we taught another investigator named juan carlos but he sort of believes that just by listening to us he can get better spiritually. He still doesn't quite understand that he actually has to do something like go to church and stuff like that, but we are going to help him with that. 
WEDNESDAY, we had our zone meeting today and it was cool because 2 elders gave their last testimony because they are going home. One of them went around and said what he had learned from each and every one of us, really cool. I hope to be in contact with them after. Elder Stoddard, one of them, is going to snow college and the other Elder Batty has been my zone leader for a long time. He followed me here to Campoy. haha. Really great elders. After that we talked to Antony and Ricardo who both are continuing on the path to eternal life, just slowly. I wish it would go faster but it helps me develop charity. The desire and caring about them enough to continue helping them follow Jesus Christ. We also taught Jarol, the guy with one leg, he is really cool and he read what we had left him and is really interested in our message. 
THURSDAY, so today something really interesting happened. We were walking to our plan "B" when we saw a 13 yr old kid in a passageway throw a kitten 20 feet in the air with a stick. We asked him what he was doing and told him to please not abuse the kitten, then we continued on our way but me, being an animal lover, I had to go back. So we did only to find him kicking the kitten this time. So we went up to him and started talking. We introduced ourselves and told him what we did. We talked a little about life and how everyone should have the equal opportunity to live even animals who are a creation of life and also we talked about how our heavenly father loves us and some other things,anyway we got him to leave the kitten alone and we walked with him a ways towards his house. Then we said goodbye and went back to see how the kitten was. Its nose was cut, having a hard time breathing and beat up just a little. So we picked it up with a bag and took it to our pension who, come to find out, had actually been looking for a kitten to have as a pet. So she kept it, bathed it and gave it some food and now it is recovering and is fine! We named it max after Maxwell. haha. Anyway, later we taught an investigator named jose palacin who is really interested in the book of mormon and wants to find the true church. We taught a great lesson with the spirit and he is going to read and pray! Sweet!
  FRIDAY, today was ok. We taught angel and andres who want us to start visiting them more often again. Sometimes it is hard to know when to leave people, but if they want us to teach them i feel like we need to do so. Even if they dont progress very fast. Who knows, maybe after a little they will feel that they need to be baptized. Patience and charity. Then we contacted a bit and made a bunch of appointments. 
SATURDAY, so today we taught a bunch of new investigators who are really interested in learning a bit more of the word of God. We have had some great first lessons today and we are excited to see how each and every one of them progress. 
SUNDAY we had church! And it is my comps birthday! He is now 26 years old. Wow. haha. After church we had a great lesson with a 20 year old girl named Kate. She is chosen i think. She has a ton of questions and takes notes when we were teaching her and also during sunday school. She is really cool. So we will see if she gets her answer. If she does we will have a baptism in 2 weeks. She is more then ready. She has a great desire to learn and do be better, so we shall see. I sort of dont want to leave this are because we have found a lot of great people who have a desire to learn more, at the same time this area is kinda hard. We dont have much help from members and we dont teach a whole lot. So we will just have to see what God wants.
                       Well, thank you all for your support! I love you all and hope that you have a great next week! see ya!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


MONDAY, pday! So we just slept, which is really what i needed haha.
TUESDAY, today was a little rough. We had plans to teach a couple of people like Noelia whose mom has recently moved here and is interested in the hearing a bit more about the church, but the priesthood holder who was going to go with us fell through like literally last minute. We were waiting for him and he sent us a message saying that he couldnt. Frustrating. Sometimes it is hard to rely on others. You want to help but you just cant. We taught Ricardo and i just dont know what it is going to take to help him make his decision. We just have to be persistent and keep moving forward. 
WEDNESDAY, we had to get up way early to go to the clinic today; I also havent been able to eat because i was going to have blood work done. So basically no food in stomach, Peruvian buses, traffic, 3 hour ride....... not fun. I felt way sick. but we got there, got the blood work done and then went to eat. Then we went to la molina and ate lunch with the office missionaries and then went back to the clinic for my appointment. We got the results. I had a lung infection but due to the antibiotics I am doing great now! Then we drove back to our area. so much bus riding. bleh. 
THURSDAY, today we had our district meeting. We talked about the importance of the time that we have in the morning to study before starting the day. It is so true. Studying in the morning is like eating a spiritual breakfast. The most important meal of the day! Then we taught a new investigator who has a bunch of questions about the church and is really interested. His name is Jarol and he also only has one leg. He is a cool guy! Then we taught Antony who is an interesting case. He believes that religion can help one in life, but he doesnt believe in a supreme being. He believes in the teachings of the gospel but not in the person who created it. 
FRIDAY, today we talked to Ricardo again. We talked about what he thinks about the book of mormon. I think that that is what we need to talk about more. The book of mormon is key in everything. We just need to get him to read it more so that his testimony can grow. 
SATURDAY, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! They dont celebrate that here so today was just normal haha. We taught some investigators today but they took the lesson as a joke. It made me feel bad because they cant see the importance of the message that we have. They just dont get it. It’s sad. Then some weird guy started testing our knowledge about the bible and the gospel. I think he was some kind of preacher. Very interesting. Like God said. You shall not be confounded before men. haha. Then as we were walking to our appointments it was cool because i felt impressed 3 times and each time we talked to a teenager and made appointments with them. cool! 
  SUNDAY, church! Church was good. Ricardo came. Fast and testimony meeting, later we also taught Ricardo about the book of mormon and he said that he would put more time into reading it so that he can progress a little faster. Awesome. Then we taught a recent convert family and also an old investigator! We have like 20 set appointments already for this next week so we are excited! Especially that we havent been having very many lessons.
   Well, that was my week more or less. haha. i hope that you all have a great next week too! i love all of you and pray for all of you every day! You are the best! Love yall! 

**Luckily Dallon is doing much better and the bloodwork came back looking good! Thank heavens he got to the doctor when he did and got on an antibiotic quickly.  Thanks to President Howell for making sure that Dallon's mission president knew about everything and kept in contact with his President and let us know everything that was happening.  Thanks to his awesome President and his wife for watching over him.  Please continue to keep Elder Maxwell in your prayers we know they help so much**


MONDAY, so first today I woke up at about 2 am and i couldnt breath too well. I almost woke my comp up but I was able to go back to sleep. Then we went to internet, I almost wasnt able to go. I had a lot of pressure in my chest and a bad migraine, but got through it. Later we got a medical appointment set up for Wednesday and i just rested all day in the zone leaders room. But later we had a cool noche de hogar and it went great!
TUESDAY, today i completed 20 months in the mission! Crazy right? We had district meeting today. it is cold and i just had to bundle up as much as i could and went. A sister gave me a nice scarf which has helped a ton! In the meeting we talked about contacting, how to do it better. Then we did divisions, i went with elder tello into his area. We walked a ton because we dont have bus fare. We hiked pretty much. haha. cerros. It was a little hard on my lungs. I was walking slow so we didnt have much success, well we did teach two families of investigators and they felt the spirit which is a success really. 
  WEDNESDAY, we had a multizone! Pres Boswell and his wife taught amazingly. They talked about always being the same person whether it be alone, with friends, family, or president maybe and also about staying by the tree, talking about the tree of life. Awesome. Then they gave us a new mission tradition. Every night at 10 we pray kneeling down as a mission. Pretty cool! We also had subway for lunch. yummm! President is awesome! Then we headed off to the doctor which is really far away. haha. We got there and i had my xray done, they gave me some pills. i was supposed to also take the blood test that day, but it was late and elder russel told me that i had to wait on that one. We made another appointment for the next Wednesday to see the results and stuff and to take the blood test....... yay! I hate needles! Then we left and it was way late. We got sort of lost and we had to in the end call president to get permission to take a taxi. Long story, because no one was answering their phones. anyway.
THURSDAY, today was a little rough and slow. We only had one lesson with a new investigator who has a lot of doubts about the idea of another book from God. But he did let us make another appointment and also he asked us for the church’s website. So cool! Then later we had to go in early because it was cold and it was making it so it was hard to breath a bit. My heavy sweater was getting washed. Ya......
FRIDAY,  today we talked to Ricardo and we sort of got off topic and talked about bible passages. Honestly it wasnt something that one needs to be know in order to saved. Sort of waste of time, but it is hard sometimes to keep him on the same topic. He likes to talk a lot. Then the priesthood holder who was going to go with us bailed out and 3 appointments fell through because of it..... so we made the most of it and contacted! Then we were also able to find some recent converts and we taught them about the importance of daily scripture study. Sweet!
SATURDAY today we taught some new investigators. They are pretty cool. They have a strong desire to have a strong and happy family! We have the perfect message for them! Then we taught another guy who knows that God is really important in our lives and always makes him a part of his own life. He had a couple of questions and as we answered them we invited him to baptism and he said yes! If he receives an answer of course! But it is a start! 
SUNDAY, church! Ricardo came! We learned about honor and the importance of the family! Great classes! Later i had to eat a mountain of food. It was sooooo much. Then we talked to Antony who is progressing toward obtaining his testimony that God lives and in choosing to believe in Him instead of theories. We also talked to Ricardo who is sooooooo close to making the decision to finally be baptized. We watched the restoration and then asked him a couple of questions about his feelings about the book of mormon. He told us that he felt it was from God and that there was no way that a young man at the age of about 21 could translate such a book. So we invited him to think about what he should do next and we are going to go back on Tuesday. 
   So that was my week! Thank you all for your prayers and support this last week! they have helped me a ton! i love you all and hope that all is well and that you all have a great next week! love you!!!!

2ND TEMPLE IN PERU!!!! Email 6/22/15

MONDAY, pday! We played a little soccer and then watched the Croods. Funny movie. Then we had a cool noche de hogar with a less active family and the lesson was perfect for them. One of the sisters really wants to go back to church now! Awesome! 
TUESDAY, district meeting. We learned about commitments, which is how we invite people to repent. Always a great review. After we talked to milagros and esau and they committed to read the book of mormon. They said that the last two times but this time will be different! With faith! Then we talked to Ricardo and taught the restoration and it really helped him think a little bit about the formation of Christ’s church and what it needs to have, little by little we are getting there! 
WEDNESDAY, first we started to set up chairs for an activity later tonight. fun!. Then we sort of had a rough day. I havent been feeling to great which doesnt help but we just got to keep moving along!  Then we watched meet the mormons for the activity! We had a great turnout of investigators which was awesome! 
THURSDAY, we started out doing service for Ricardo, and then we taught him! He just needs to make his decision, little by little but i really do believe that he will eventually. Then later we passed by an investigators house and knocked on the door. They were home and we taught an awesome lesson! It was great! They said that they are going to read the book of mormon to see what its like. i sure hope that they feel that it is true!
FRIDAY today we found a new investigator with a lot of potential! Her name is Jazmin and she basically is scared of god. Which is good. It’s always to obey through love instead of fear but its  start! She wants God to consider her as one of his true daughters. So ya, we are going to start to teach her. Then we taught a family exactly what they needed. Cool. Then we also taught Reinaldo and we were a little frank with him but he understood the message! So now we will see if he changes!
SATURDAY, we went to the cultural ceremony thing for the temple dedication. Awesome. Cool to see some of the traditional dances and stuff! That took most of the day. 
SUNDAY, we went to the temple dedication which was amazing. It felt like we were actually there in Trujillo even though it was just broadcasted to the stake center. Really neat. After, i threw up and then rested the whole day. Fun haha. 
   So that was my week! Sorry its a little short. Well, i hope that you all have a great next week! Love you all! 

YEAH!!!! A BAPTISM!!! Email 6/15/2015

MONDAY, pday! We played soccer and watched frozen! Awesome! Then we taught Noelia to get her all ready for her baptism this Saturday! Awesome! 
TUESDAY, we had our zone mtg. We learned how to recognize the spirit. The spirit is amazing and i think that it is the most important thing to learn to recognize in this life. Then after we found 2 new investigators and had a great lesson with them! Sometimes people have great desires to do things but aren’t willing to achieve it, or to do what it takes, but we have to help realize that it is possible and help them work to it! 
WEDNESDAY, today we talked to some new inv. We had contacted a guy and then we ended up teaching him! Cool! Then we talked to Ricardo who is honestly the same. We are trying to help him but we just cant seem to recognize his answer. We will have to change tactics.
THURSDAY, today was ok, we could have done better. We talked to a couple of people. We did teach Noelia again. Her testimony is growing and is very sensitive to the spirit. A really cool girl. 
FRIDAY, we talked to Ricardo again, who is still the same...... i dont get it honestly, but we need to have patience and diligence. Those two go together very well. So the kid that we contacted and invited him to be baptized on his doorstep, ya we went back and taught his mom and his brother!!! A whole new family! There are a lot of boys in the family so hopefully we can get them all together and make a miracle happen! It went great! The spirit was there. The mom had questions and we taught all of lesson 1! So awesome!!!!!
SATURDAY, today we proselyted with the missionaries from the mtc. It went well. The member that went with us didnt know where he was going and lead us in circle for an hour and a half. But it ended up being a good experience. Then we had Noelias baptism!!!! It was awesome!!!! I got to baptize her. The spirit was super strong. Right after I lifted her out of the water i asked her how she felt, and she said with a huge smile. Feliz!!!! Even though the water was freezing cold (we are in winter) she could feel the warmth of the spirit telling her that she is now on the road to eternal life! 
SUNDAY, I gave a talk in church! On charity and how important it is to love God and our neighbor like unto us. Then I applied it to missionary work by talking about that if we love our neighbor, we would serve them and the best way or the best thing is the gospel! So if we love God and our neighbor, we will share the gospel! Then we talked to an investigator that we have been teaching. He had a lot of doubts but accepted to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. He is an Israelite but he wants to know how to find the true church with so many churches today! 
    Well that was my week more or less. Sorry I was a little short on time. I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! nos vemos!!!!
              elder maxwell. 


MONDAY, pday! We had transfers and I found out that my comp would be elder piscoya! I already know who he is so it should be great! 
TUESDAY, transfers. So president talked to us first and lets just say it was awesome! I love my mission president. Then I met my comp, whom I already knew. He is 25 and from Chiclayo Peru. He is a member for only 1 year and 7 months and has 7 months in the mission. Cool guy. So today we taught some investigators. Ricardo to be exact, he is soooo close to making the decision to be baptized but he just wont for a little. We are working hard to help him see that this is true but it is a little difficult.  Then we taught a less active and I was inspired to share a scripture in dc 19 vs 15 through 20. And after he told us, basically that he had come to a better understanding of the atonement received revelation and felt the spirit! Wow! That was sooo cool! The spirit told him what he needed to do! 
WEDNESDAY, man the shower is cold! haha. Today we contacted a bit and found a couple of new people who we might be able to teach these upcoming weeks. We also taught Noelia who is excited even more for her baptism!!!  We later had noche misional and watched a video called the masters touch I think. It’s about a violin. It teaches us that even though we are imperfect and make a ton of mistakes, or maybe we have addictions of all kinds, through the the touch of the master, or Jesus Christ, we can truly change and achieve that full potential as sons and daughters of God. 
THURSDAY, so today we started out contacting and we knocked on this door and a 17 yr old came out and after a couple of questions we found out that he was searching for the true church. So we invited him to be baptized right there in his doorway if he received an answer from God and he said yes! Baptism invitation in a contact, awesome! God leads us to his chosen ones. Then we taught Reinaldo, an investigator. Cool guy. He is 18. He wants to follow God but we are having problems getting him to go to church, but we are going to continue working with him. 
FRIDAY, today we talked to Ricardo once again and he still doesnt seem to have received and answer. He just cant recognize it. He is going to go to church and it just so happens that this Sunday is fast and testimony meeting so we hope that he can receive it there. After, we taught Noelia. Her testimony is growing everyday as she reads and prays with her cousins. She says that she can feel the spirit and is excited for her baptism. 
SATURDAY, today started out a little rough. Our appointments fell through in the morning.  We did get ten contacts down, but we were a little discouraged. We then got to go to a baptism in my comps last area. When we got back we hurried to go and teach a family of investigators and the lesson went amazingly. We only had our BOM and we were in suits but we taught anyway. We taught the restoration. Now they might come to church! They are really interested. It just shows how through patience God blesses us!
SUNDAY! Ricardo came to church! And a couple of other investigators too! It made me sooo happy! He said that he felt good throughout the meetings and that he had felt spiritually edified. After church we contacted. It started out rough, and then we had a run of like 5 really good contacts and made appointments with all of them! My testimony grows every day that God prepares people and then puts them in our path. We just have to open our mouths. It is hard. I know,  I really know that it is hard, but if we do what the lord commands, even if we feel uncomfortable, or scared, or even incapable, he WILL make us strong and then we will see miracles!!!! We just have to open our mouths. D&C 33 vs 8 through 11. 
   Thanks everyone for your support and prayers!!!! I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week!