Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2ND TEMPLE IN PERU!!!! Email 6/22/15

MONDAY, pday! We played a little soccer and then watched the Croods. Funny movie. Then we had a cool noche de hogar with a less active family and the lesson was perfect for them. One of the sisters really wants to go back to church now! Awesome! 
TUESDAY, district meeting. We learned about commitments, which is how we invite people to repent. Always a great review. After we talked to milagros and esau and they committed to read the book of mormon. They said that the last two times but this time will be different! With faith! Then we talked to Ricardo and taught the restoration and it really helped him think a little bit about the formation of Christ’s church and what it needs to have, little by little we are getting there! 
WEDNESDAY, first we started to set up chairs for an activity later tonight. fun!. Then we sort of had a rough day. I havent been feeling to great which doesnt help but we just got to keep moving along!  Then we watched meet the mormons for the activity! We had a great turnout of investigators which was awesome! 
THURSDAY, we started out doing service for Ricardo, and then we taught him! He just needs to make his decision, little by little but i really do believe that he will eventually. Then later we passed by an investigators house and knocked on the door. They were home and we taught an awesome lesson! It was great! They said that they are going to read the book of mormon to see what its like. i sure hope that they feel that it is true!
FRIDAY today we found a new investigator with a lot of potential! Her name is Jazmin and she basically is scared of god. Which is good. It’s always to obey through love instead of fear but its  start! She wants God to consider her as one of his true daughters. So ya, we are going to start to teach her. Then we taught a family exactly what they needed. Cool. Then we also taught Reinaldo and we were a little frank with him but he understood the message! So now we will see if he changes!
SATURDAY, we went to the cultural ceremony thing for the temple dedication. Awesome. Cool to see some of the traditional dances and stuff! That took most of the day. 
SUNDAY, we went to the temple dedication which was amazing. It felt like we were actually there in Trujillo even though it was just broadcasted to the stake center. Really neat. After, i threw up and then rested the whole day. Fun haha. 
   So that was my week! Sorry its a little short. Well, i hope that you all have a great next week! Love you all! 

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