Tuesday, July 7, 2015


MONDAY, pday! So we just slept, which is really what i needed haha.
TUESDAY, today was a little rough. We had plans to teach a couple of people like Noelia whose mom has recently moved here and is interested in the hearing a bit more about the church, but the priesthood holder who was going to go with us fell through like literally last minute. We were waiting for him and he sent us a message saying that he couldnt. Frustrating. Sometimes it is hard to rely on others. You want to help but you just cant. We taught Ricardo and i just dont know what it is going to take to help him make his decision. We just have to be persistent and keep moving forward. 
WEDNESDAY, we had to get up way early to go to the clinic today; I also havent been able to eat because i was going to have blood work done. So basically no food in stomach, Peruvian buses, traffic, 3 hour ride....... not fun. I felt way sick. but we got there, got the blood work done and then went to eat. Then we went to la molina and ate lunch with the office missionaries and then went back to the clinic for my appointment. We got the results. I had a lung infection but due to the antibiotics I am doing great now! Then we drove back to our area. so much bus riding. bleh. 
THURSDAY, today we had our district meeting. We talked about the importance of the time that we have in the morning to study before starting the day. It is so true. Studying in the morning is like eating a spiritual breakfast. The most important meal of the day! Then we taught a new investigator who has a bunch of questions about the church and is really interested. His name is Jarol and he also only has one leg. He is a cool guy! Then we taught Antony who is an interesting case. He believes that religion can help one in life, but he doesnt believe in a supreme being. He believes in the teachings of the gospel but not in the person who created it. 
FRIDAY, today we talked to Ricardo again. We talked about what he thinks about the book of mormon. I think that that is what we need to talk about more. The book of mormon is key in everything. We just need to get him to read it more so that his testimony can grow. 
SATURDAY, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! They dont celebrate that here so today was just normal haha. We taught some investigators today but they took the lesson as a joke. It made me feel bad because they cant see the importance of the message that we have. They just dont get it. It’s sad. Then some weird guy started testing our knowledge about the bible and the gospel. I think he was some kind of preacher. Very interesting. Like God said. You shall not be confounded before men. haha. Then as we were walking to our appointments it was cool because i felt impressed 3 times and each time we talked to a teenager and made appointments with them. cool! 
  SUNDAY, church! Church was good. Ricardo came. Fast and testimony meeting, later we also taught Ricardo about the book of mormon and he said that he would put more time into reading it so that he can progress a little faster. Awesome. Then we taught a recent convert family and also an old investigator! We have like 20 set appointments already for this next week so we are excited! Especially that we havent been having very many lessons.
   Well, that was my week more or less. haha. i hope that you all have a great next week too! i love all of you and pray for all of you every day! You are the best! Love yall! 

**Luckily Dallon is doing much better and the bloodwork came back looking good! Thank heavens he got to the doctor when he did and got on an antibiotic quickly.  Thanks to President Howell for making sure that Dallon's mission president knew about everything and kept in contact with his President and let us know everything that was happening.  Thanks to his awesome President and his wife for watching over him.  Please continue to keep Elder Maxwell in your prayers we know they help so much**

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