Tuesday, July 14, 2015


MONDAY, pday! well due to some elders who didnt have their room clean the whole zone had to have a room cleaning pday! fun. haha.  After that we talked to Antony. It is just a little hard to get him to believe in something that he cannot see but he is getting better with that,just with time, just like Ricardo haha. 
TUESDAY, today we were able to teach a new investigator named Christian, he is 20 and he just needs a little bit of help in his life with motivation and stuff. We had a good first lesson with him and we are going to go back this next week. Then we taught another investigator named juan carlos but he sort of believes that just by listening to us he can get better spiritually. He still doesn't quite understand that he actually has to do something like go to church and stuff like that, but we are going to help him with that. 
WEDNESDAY, we had our zone meeting today and it was cool because 2 elders gave their last testimony because they are going home. One of them went around and said what he had learned from each and every one of us, really cool. I hope to be in contact with them after. Elder Stoddard, one of them, is going to snow college and the other Elder Batty has been my zone leader for a long time. He followed me here to Campoy. haha. Really great elders. After that we talked to Antony and Ricardo who both are continuing on the path to eternal life, just slowly. I wish it would go faster but it helps me develop charity. The desire and caring about them enough to continue helping them follow Jesus Christ. We also taught Jarol, the guy with one leg, he is really cool and he read what we had left him and is really interested in our message. 
THURSDAY, so today something really interesting happened. We were walking to our plan "B" when we saw a 13 yr old kid in a passageway throw a kitten 20 feet in the air with a stick. We asked him what he was doing and told him to please not abuse the kitten, then we continued on our way but me, being an animal lover, I had to go back. So we did only to find him kicking the kitten this time. So we went up to him and started talking. We introduced ourselves and told him what we did. We talked a little about life and how everyone should have the equal opportunity to live even animals who are a creation of life and also we talked about how our heavenly father loves us and some other things,anyway we got him to leave the kitten alone and we walked with him a ways towards his house. Then we said goodbye and went back to see how the kitten was. Its nose was cut, having a hard time breathing and beat up just a little. So we picked it up with a bag and took it to our pension who, come to find out, had actually been looking for a kitten to have as a pet. So she kept it, bathed it and gave it some food and now it is recovering and is fine! We named it max after Maxwell. haha. Anyway, later we taught an investigator named jose palacin who is really interested in the book of mormon and wants to find the true church. We taught a great lesson with the spirit and he is going to read and pray! Sweet!
  FRIDAY, today was ok. We taught angel and andres who want us to start visiting them more often again. Sometimes it is hard to know when to leave people, but if they want us to teach them i feel like we need to do so. Even if they dont progress very fast. Who knows, maybe after a little they will feel that they need to be baptized. Patience and charity. Then we contacted a bit and made a bunch of appointments. 
SATURDAY, so today we taught a bunch of new investigators who are really interested in learning a bit more of the word of God. We have had some great first lessons today and we are excited to see how each and every one of them progress. 
SUNDAY we had church! And it is my comps birthday! He is now 26 years old. Wow. haha. After church we had a great lesson with a 20 year old girl named Kate. She is chosen i think. She has a ton of questions and takes notes when we were teaching her and also during sunday school. She is really cool. So we will see if she gets her answer. If she does we will have a baptism in 2 weeks. She is more then ready. She has a great desire to learn and do be better, so we shall see. I sort of dont want to leave this are because we have found a lot of great people who have a desire to learn more, at the same time this area is kinda hard. We dont have much help from members and we dont teach a whole lot. So we will just have to see what God wants.
                       Well, thank you all for your support! I love you all and hope that you have a great next week! see ya!!!!!!!!!!

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