Tuesday, July 7, 2015


MONDAY, so first today I woke up at about 2 am and i couldnt breath too well. I almost woke my comp up but I was able to go back to sleep. Then we went to internet, I almost wasnt able to go. I had a lot of pressure in my chest and a bad migraine, but got through it. Later we got a medical appointment set up for Wednesday and i just rested all day in the zone leaders room. But later we had a cool noche de hogar and it went great!
TUESDAY, today i completed 20 months in the mission! Crazy right? We had district meeting today. it is cold and i just had to bundle up as much as i could and went. A sister gave me a nice scarf which has helped a ton! In the meeting we talked about contacting, how to do it better. Then we did divisions, i went with elder tello into his area. We walked a ton because we dont have bus fare. We hiked pretty much. haha. cerros. It was a little hard on my lungs. I was walking slow so we didnt have much success, well we did teach two families of investigators and they felt the spirit which is a success really. 
  WEDNESDAY, we had a multizone! Pres Boswell and his wife taught amazingly. They talked about always being the same person whether it be alone, with friends, family, or president maybe and also about staying by the tree, talking about the tree of life. Awesome. Then they gave us a new mission tradition. Every night at 10 we pray kneeling down as a mission. Pretty cool! We also had subway for lunch. yummm! President is awesome! Then we headed off to the doctor which is really far away. haha. We got there and i had my xray done, they gave me some pills. i was supposed to also take the blood test that day, but it was late and elder russel told me that i had to wait on that one. We made another appointment for the next Wednesday to see the results and stuff and to take the blood test....... yay! I hate needles! Then we left and it was way late. We got sort of lost and we had to in the end call president to get permission to take a taxi. Long story, because no one was answering their phones. anyway.
THURSDAY, today was a little rough and slow. We only had one lesson with a new investigator who has a lot of doubts about the idea of another book from God. But he did let us make another appointment and also he asked us for the church’s website. So cool! Then later we had to go in early because it was cold and it was making it so it was hard to breath a bit. My heavy sweater was getting washed. Ya......
FRIDAY,  today we talked to Ricardo and we sort of got off topic and talked about bible passages. Honestly it wasnt something that one needs to be know in order to saved. Sort of waste of time, but it is hard sometimes to keep him on the same topic. He likes to talk a lot. Then the priesthood holder who was going to go with us bailed out and 3 appointments fell through because of it..... so we made the most of it and contacted! Then we were also able to find some recent converts and we taught them about the importance of daily scripture study. Sweet!
SATURDAY today we taught some new investigators. They are pretty cool. They have a strong desire to have a strong and happy family! We have the perfect message for them! Then we taught another guy who knows that God is really important in our lives and always makes him a part of his own life. He had a couple of questions and as we answered them we invited him to baptism and he said yes! If he receives an answer of course! But it is a start! 
SUNDAY, church! Ricardo came! We learned about honor and the importance of the family! Great classes! Later i had to eat a mountain of food. It was sooooo much. Then we talked to Antony who is progressing toward obtaining his testimony that God lives and in choosing to believe in Him instead of theories. We also talked to Ricardo who is sooooooo close to making the decision to finally be baptized. We watched the restoration and then asked him a couple of questions about his feelings about the book of mormon. He told us that he felt it was from God and that there was no way that a young man at the age of about 21 could translate such a book. So we invited him to think about what he should do next and we are going to go back on Tuesday. 
   So that was my week! Thank you all for your prayers and support this last week! they have helped me a ton! i love you all and hope that all is well and that you all have a great next week! love you!!!!

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