Tuesday, July 7, 2015


MONDAY, pday! We had transfers and I found out that my comp would be elder piscoya! I already know who he is so it should be great! 
TUESDAY, transfers. So president talked to us first and lets just say it was awesome! I love my mission president. Then I met my comp, whom I already knew. He is 25 and from Chiclayo Peru. He is a member for only 1 year and 7 months and has 7 months in the mission. Cool guy. So today we taught some investigators. Ricardo to be exact, he is soooo close to making the decision to be baptized but he just wont for a little. We are working hard to help him see that this is true but it is a little difficult.  Then we taught a less active and I was inspired to share a scripture in dc 19 vs 15 through 20. And after he told us, basically that he had come to a better understanding of the atonement received revelation and felt the spirit! Wow! That was sooo cool! The spirit told him what he needed to do! 
WEDNESDAY, man the shower is cold! haha. Today we contacted a bit and found a couple of new people who we might be able to teach these upcoming weeks. We also taught Noelia who is excited even more for her baptism!!!  We later had noche misional and watched a video called the masters touch I think. It’s about a violin. It teaches us that even though we are imperfect and make a ton of mistakes, or maybe we have addictions of all kinds, through the the touch of the master, or Jesus Christ, we can truly change and achieve that full potential as sons and daughters of God. 
THURSDAY, so today we started out contacting and we knocked on this door and a 17 yr old came out and after a couple of questions we found out that he was searching for the true church. So we invited him to be baptized right there in his doorway if he received an answer from God and he said yes! Baptism invitation in a contact, awesome! God leads us to his chosen ones. Then we taught Reinaldo, an investigator. Cool guy. He is 18. He wants to follow God but we are having problems getting him to go to church, but we are going to continue working with him. 
FRIDAY, today we talked to Ricardo once again and he still doesnt seem to have received and answer. He just cant recognize it. He is going to go to church and it just so happens that this Sunday is fast and testimony meeting so we hope that he can receive it there. After, we taught Noelia. Her testimony is growing everyday as she reads and prays with her cousins. She says that she can feel the spirit and is excited for her baptism. 
SATURDAY, today started out a little rough. Our appointments fell through in the morning.  We did get ten contacts down, but we were a little discouraged. We then got to go to a baptism in my comps last area. When we got back we hurried to go and teach a family of investigators and the lesson went amazingly. We only had our BOM and we were in suits but we taught anyway. We taught the restoration. Now they might come to church! They are really interested. It just shows how through patience God blesses us!
SUNDAY! Ricardo came to church! And a couple of other investigators too! It made me sooo happy! He said that he felt good throughout the meetings and that he had felt spiritually edified. After church we contacted. It started out rough, and then we had a run of like 5 really good contacts and made appointments with all of them! My testimony grows every day that God prepares people and then puts them in our path. We just have to open our mouths. It is hard. I know,  I really know that it is hard, but if we do what the lord commands, even if we feel uncomfortable, or scared, or even incapable, he WILL make us strong and then we will see miracles!!!! We just have to open our mouths. D&C 33 vs 8 through 11. 
   Thanks everyone for your support and prayers!!!! I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! 

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