Tuesday, July 7, 2015

YEAH!!!! A BAPTISM!!! Email 6/15/2015

MONDAY, pday! We played soccer and watched frozen! Awesome! Then we taught Noelia to get her all ready for her baptism this Saturday! Awesome! 
TUESDAY, we had our zone mtg. We learned how to recognize the spirit. The spirit is amazing and i think that it is the most important thing to learn to recognize in this life. Then after we found 2 new investigators and had a great lesson with them! Sometimes people have great desires to do things but aren’t willing to achieve it, or to do what it takes, but we have to help realize that it is possible and help them work to it! 
WEDNESDAY, today we talked to some new inv. We had contacted a guy and then we ended up teaching him! Cool! Then we talked to Ricardo who is honestly the same. We are trying to help him but we just cant seem to recognize his answer. We will have to change tactics.
THURSDAY, today was ok, we could have done better. We talked to a couple of people. We did teach Noelia again. Her testimony is growing and is very sensitive to the spirit. A really cool girl. 
FRIDAY, we talked to Ricardo again, who is still the same...... i dont get it honestly, but we need to have patience and diligence. Those two go together very well. So the kid that we contacted and invited him to be baptized on his doorstep, ya we went back and taught his mom and his brother!!! A whole new family! There are a lot of boys in the family so hopefully we can get them all together and make a miracle happen! It went great! The spirit was there. The mom had questions and we taught all of lesson 1! So awesome!!!!!
SATURDAY, today we proselyted with the missionaries from the mtc. It went well. The member that went with us didnt know where he was going and lead us in circle for an hour and a half. But it ended up being a good experience. Then we had Noelias baptism!!!! It was awesome!!!! I got to baptize her. The spirit was super strong. Right after I lifted her out of the water i asked her how she felt, and she said with a huge smile. Feliz!!!! Even though the water was freezing cold (we are in winter) she could feel the warmth of the spirit telling her that she is now on the road to eternal life! 
SUNDAY, I gave a talk in church! On charity and how important it is to love God and our neighbor like unto us. Then I applied it to missionary work by talking about that if we love our neighbor, we would serve them and the best way or the best thing is the gospel! So if we love God and our neighbor, we will share the gospel! Then we talked to an investigator that we have been teaching. He had a lot of doubts but accepted to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. He is an Israelite but he wants to know how to find the true church with so many churches today! 
    Well that was my week more or less. Sorry I was a little short on time. I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! nos vemos!!!!
              elder maxwell. 

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