Thursday, August 27, 2015

LISTENING to the SPIRIT will teach us what WE need to know!!! Email 8/24/2015

MONDAY, pday, so we played soccer on an artificial field with another zone. Really fun. Then we had a lesson after with a family on family history work. cool!
TUESDAY, today was awesome. So we had our district meeting and learned about leaving our areas stronger than when we found them. Later we had some awesome appointments. We did divisions and i went and taught karol, an investigator and we had a great lesson on the restoration and she understood it all really well and the spirit was there, wow, i cant even describe it. Just amazing, also my comp found some great new investigators that we are going to start teaching!! The blessings!!!!
WEDNESDAY, today we were able to teach julio cesar. He is a great guy and has a sincere desire to follow Jesus Christ. We are helping him understand the organization of Christ’s church and how that church is the only true church upon the face of the earth. Then we taught some other investigators who want to get married. Well that’s a first. haha. They also want to know more about how our belief in Christ can help and strengthen us as a family. Awesome!!! 
THURSDAY, today we taught a bunch of member families. Like seriouly a lot. haha. Our lessons with investigators fell through and well we were just guided to these families. We hope that this will help us find new investigators through their references. References are always the best. Today we also taught a less active girl who doesnt believe in God..... it is sad to see a person reject this message even though they feel it and know that it is true, it is just that because of certain events they harden their hearts and push Him out of their lives...
FRIDAY, today we did some more divisions with some members. We were able to teach the investigators that want to get married. Well the lady. Her name is matilde and her couple is elmer. We taught matilde and she is really receptive. She wants to learn more and always has really good questions.  Then we contacted a bit to try and find new people to teach. We always need to find more. haha. The more the better. 
SATURDAY, today we taught 2 new investigators who are working here in lima but are from another part of Peru. They had been listening to the jehovas witnesses before and are curious to see the difference that we have with all other religions. Then we taught another couple of investigators who also want to get married, but its hard because they dont go to church.... they were going to go but then they had to work. Just like last week... a little tough. 
SUNDAY, today i complete 22 months in the mission. Wow. We had church and honestly this Sunday was very inspiring and spiritual for me. I was able to receive inspiration and the classes were on just what I needed and helped me understand a lot more about the temple and the sacrament. Incredible really. I loved it. Really every Sunday should be like this. We should go and try to listen to the spirit because he will teach us what we need to know. The talk that a sister was giving was on the book of Mormon, but during it i received revelation about the temple. Really cool. I felt the spirit, which taught me what i needed to know. Sweet. I love this gospel.
  Well i hope that all of you can have inspiring experiences and can feel the spirit this week because it is truly wonderful. I love you all and can’t wait to see you all again. Take care!!!!

ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING!!! Email 8/17/2015

MONDAY, pday! We played a couple of games; you know to get all the jiggles out. Then later we had a noche de hogar with Isabel and some members. She is progressing a lot and has a testimony it’s just that she has forgotten that. So also today we received the news that a member of the 70 is coming to visit us this week and then next week, and then ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING!!!!! The next week. I am sooooooo excited. He is my favorite apostle. A great way to finish the mission. haha. 
TUESDAY, today we had district meeting. We learned about how the restoration is the main message that we share with people and how important it really is that we teach it to everyone! Later, we talked to some less actives who got offended by some members of the church.... it is hard to get them to come back sometimes, they just need to realize that the members arent perfect and that we really go to church because we love God and want to obey him and nothing else. 
WEDNESDAY, today we found a new investigator contacting who wants to follow Christ and get help with some problems that he is facing right now in his life. The only problem is that he has 2 houses and so it is hard to visit him because half of the time he is in one house and the other in the other. haha. Then we talked to Sylvia about the law of chastity and understood it really well. She is going to think about it and how it affects her and then she will make a decision about what she is going to do. 
THURSDAY, today we had interviews with president!!!!!! He is so awesome! He has helped me so much in my mission. He always knows exactly what to say. So we got back from interviews at 5. Super late, but we were able to have a lesson with Isabel who is improving on remembering everything including her own testimony, which is awesome. She is doing really well. 
FRIDAY, today we did divisions. Elder melin came into my area and we visited a couple of people and we had a bit of success. We did contact a lot today but i have come to like to contact. You never know who is behind that door! 
SATURDAY, today we did a tiny service project. We moved like two things but it was fun. So later we talked to Sylvia again and taught about the Sabbath day. She is now going to look to get another job so that she can go to church on Sunday! She is progressing a lot. Then we taught a less active who doesnt have a testimony so we are going to teach all the lessons again so that she can get one. 
SUNDAY, I got to bless the sacrament today! It was awesome. I love blessing the sacrament, it is a great experience. Later we taught two new investigators who are passing through some rough times but we had a great spiritual lesson and they want us to continue to teach them and everything! It is awesome! So that was my week. Sorry I have little time. haha.
 I love you all! Have a great next week! 


THE ATONEMENT..."The most important event int the history of mankind!" Email 8/10/2015

MONDAY, ok, so today we played steal the flag, way fun, and then some soccer. It was a blast! Then we had a noche de hogar with our pension. It went great. We talked about the power of the Atonement. what a great topic. The most important event in the history of mankind! 
TUESDAY, today we had a zone meeting and we got new goals of excellence. They are now the following: 20 lessons with investigators, 70 contacts or trained families, (or combined), 50 references asked for, and 10 baptismal invitations.  This is helping us focus a little bit more on our purpose as missionaries which is baptize! So from there we contacted almost the whole day haha. But we found a couple of future investigators so that is good. 
WEDNESDAY, today we taught a less active who is an artist. cool. He hasn't gone to church in 20 years because he sells his paintings on weekends so we will have to see what we can do to help him go back after not going for so long. Then we taught a recent convert about the restoration, reviewing a few things to strengthen that testimony! oh ya! 
THURSDAY, we did divisions with the zone leaders and I went into the zone leaders area with an elder limaico. Cool guy from Ecuador. But before the divisions we taught a way cool first lesson with some contacts, one girl is 17 then a guy who is 20. They are brother sister and are really interested in our message. They might be chosen ones! haha .Super cool. 
 FRIDAY, today we taught the 17 yr old again. Her name is Jacky. She has a big desire to learn. She picked up on the lesson way quick and understood all of it. Sweet! from there we didnt have too much luck. But we are still working, trying to find new people. Oh. and our water heater broke! haha. Ice showers again! love it! wahhoooo!!!! 
SATURDAY, today was a great day. We taught a lot of new investigators who have a great potential and true interest in what we have to say. They all accepted the invitation to be baptized if they feel in their hearts that it is the right decision to make. The only obstacle is actually getting them to that point now. haha. But i know that with faith and works, everything is possible. God's will, will be done. 
SUNDAY, church! All of our investigators that we taught, who said that they were going to come, didnt show. Dang it. well. what can you do, they have their agency. grrrrrr. ....... haha. From there we also had a good day, taught a couple of families and some less actives who arent showing a lot of interest in going back.... sad. We just have to keep trying though. anyway. 
  Well, that was my week! I love the mission i love life. i am happy! i hope all of you can be happy too! have a great next week! love you all! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


MONDAY, today we played a couple of sports, handball, soccer, stuff like that. Then we had a cool Noche de Hogar where we talked about being examples all the time, whether it be with family friends or with God!  Always act the same! 
TUESDAY, district meeting! We talked about the importance of members in the lessons because if a member is there than the investigator automatically has a friend at church so that they feel more comfortable and stuff. Then we found a cool new investigator named Sylvia. She lives with some members and has never been baptized, but wants to be! Cool!  Then we taught a family, the one whose son served in the Barricks ward in eagle Idaho, small world.  Oh ya! So today is Peru’s Independence Day! Feliz dia Peru!!! A lot of people are drinking and stuff to celebrate. haha fun. 
WEDNESDAY, today we taught a less active about the Sabbath. It was a great lesson and I guess it worked because she came to church, so that is awesome! Later we taught about the restoration with a recent convert, reviewing it all. It is cool when you teach about the basics with someone who already has a testimony about it because it helps you strengthen your testimony a lot because you understand things better. Way cool!
THURSDAY, so today we found 2 new investigators, one knows everything about the church haha. He has family in Utah and has even read books by Brigham Young and stuff haha, but doesnt want to be baptized just because he doesnt want to haha. Weird, but ya we can’t force him to do anything. Then we taught Sylvia again. She is awesome and I think she will progress a lot the only problem is that she isnt married. ahhhhhhhh. Makes life difficult. haha. 
FRIDAY, today was a little difficult for some reason. No one let us in haha. We did teach a less active. We are trying to help her read her scriptures because she hasnt read in months. The scriptures are so important. We just cant progress without reading them. It is our guide, our compass, if we dont use it we will get lost. 
   SATURDAY, we taught another less active about the scriptures and set the goal with her to start to reading them again. Then we taught Sylvia once again and she is continuing to learn more, she wants to learn more and wants to be close to God, all she needs to do is pray and come to church.
SUNDAY, we had an amazing testimony meeting. I have never seen so many people bear their testimonies. It was awesome! Really powerful! Then we had a great Sunday class. Isabel, the less active, came and she brought her jewish friend too. Pretty cool! Then we started proselyting late once again and only were able to teach two short lessons, but I felt good and that is what is important. 
    Well, that is my week! Thank you all for supporting me! This mission has changed my life! I love you all! Have a great next week! 


PDAY, we went to  Gamarra today, a place with a lot of people and a lot of stores. I didnt buy anything so it was kind of boring, but after we went to a cool Noche de Hogar (family home evening) and it was great! 
TUESDAY, district meeting. We talked about opening our mouth and looking for those opportunities to find new people to teach. After that we taught a new investigator. Well a couple actually, from what we have seen, none seem like chosen ones but maybe after a little bit of time they might have a change of heart and come unto Christ so we are going to keep on teaching and see what happens. 
WEDNESDAY, today we started off contacting and had a lot of success, made a couple of appointments. We also were able to find a new investigator. A 19 year old girl named Angelica whose brother is a member. She has a lot of potential. She thinks about things a lot and studies them. I think that after a little bit of time she will be baptized. She is really cool. Then we had a Noche de Hogar again and talked about the most important moments in our lives. So true, we need to focus on the things that really matter. 
THURSDAY, today I officially have 21 months in the mission! How crazy is that. Time keeps on flying by. Today we also did service by fixing a roof. It was really fun! haha. Then we taught Isabel, a less active and we took members with us which helped a ton! Members are awesome! Then we had the same luck but this time it was with an investigator. The members testimonies also helped a ton in the lesson!
FRIDAY, we went to the temple today!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing. I love the temple! I love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It helped me open my eyes a little bit more and helped me see what God has in store for me. It helped me understand more about the importance of Gods plan. Amazing. Then we taught 2 investigators who said that they would come to church which is what they ended up doing! They have a baptismal date, now we just need to help them stay on this path until that date. haha. 
  SATURDAY, today we taught a less active named Lucy. She is way cool, knows a lot. She just doesnt go to church very often, kinda sad. We are trying to help her get the habit. Then we taught Angelica and helped her understand a little more about the restoration. She is progressing! Learning more and more and she reads everything that we leave her! 
SUNDAY, church! We had a ton of people come with us to church today! Like 8 investigators. Some cant get baptized due to problems with marriage and stuff haha, but at least they are continuing to follow Christ! Strengthening their testimonies!!   After we delayed once again due to problems with the members who were going to give us lunch, but we were able to help a couple more people. The investigators with the whole marriage issue, but soon that will all be resolved and they will be able to be baptized!!!!!!!
     Well thanks to everyone for all the support!!! The church is true! I know it! Have a great week! read, pray, everyday!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!

"BATH IN A BUCKET!" Email 7/20/2015

PDAY,  so we got transfers today and I am headed to villa Alegre Surco! Should be fun! 
TUESDAY, transfers! So Surco is cool. It is a really nice place. The pension is absolutely awesome. Our room is super tiny though, like literally the size of my bedroom. haha. It’s just me and my comp here. I am just starting to get to know people and work! My comp is elder Macias from Mexico and he has about 15 months in the mission. Cool! 
WEDNESDAY, today we had our district meeting. There are a ton of sisters in this zone. haha.  One of them is Jonathan Rigtrips girlfriend. haha. She just got here. She has a month in the mission haha. So from there we taught a couple of less actives and some families. We are trying to work a lot with the members and we are also working a ton with less actives. There is a lot of potential here. We just got to keep on working! 
THURSDAY, today we were guided by the spirit to a service project! I love service. Then we contacted a bunch, still trying to get to know the area. It’s hard to get in a groove. I feel a little lost, but with time I am sure I will get the groove back. Oh! I did have to shower with a bucket today. haha. They shut our water off for three days haha. Fun! Now I can say I have bathed with a bucket! haha
FRIDAY, we had pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup!!! Oh my gosh. It was sooooo good. I miss pancakes. I am going to eat 10 every morning when I get back haha. Then we taught a family and it was cool because as we were planning yesterday, without knowing who these people really were, the thought of teaching them about tithing came to mind. Long story short, we taught it and it was exactly what they needed. One of them even said that he had been thinking about tithing that morning! Cool! I love the spirit! 
SATURDAY, today we found a ton of new investigators just from contacting, like 4 people just let us in. Sweet!!! That is what this area needs. When I got here there were literally 0 investigators. Wow, haha. There is work to do! Later we talked to a guy who is Jewish! Cool guy. We made an appointment with him. So we will see! 
SUNDAY, church! The ward is the biggest ward that I have been in, a lot more reverence. I like it. haha. The stake president gave a talk today about the Sabbath day. It was awesome. Later lunch delayed a lot. Church gets out at 2 so it’s a little hard. We start working late, but we did teach a recent convert who wants to go to the temple with his wife. Cool! There are a lot of people here who are working on going to the temple for the first time! I hope to be able to go with a lot of them. When you go with someone who is going for the first time it is a really neat experience. 
Well! That is my first week in this new area! We will see how it continues! Thank you all for all your support! I love you all! Have a grand next week!!!!!!!!!!