Tuesday, August 4, 2015


PDAY, we went to  Gamarra today, a place with a lot of people and a lot of stores. I didnt buy anything so it was kind of boring, but after we went to a cool Noche de Hogar (family home evening) and it was great! 
TUESDAY, district meeting. We talked about opening our mouth and looking for those opportunities to find new people to teach. After that we taught a new investigator. Well a couple actually, from what we have seen, none seem like chosen ones but maybe after a little bit of time they might have a change of heart and come unto Christ so we are going to keep on teaching and see what happens. 
WEDNESDAY, today we started off contacting and had a lot of success, made a couple of appointments. We also were able to find a new investigator. A 19 year old girl named Angelica whose brother is a member. She has a lot of potential. She thinks about things a lot and studies them. I think that after a little bit of time she will be baptized. She is really cool. Then we had a Noche de Hogar again and talked about the most important moments in our lives. So true, we need to focus on the things that really matter. 
THURSDAY, today I officially have 21 months in the mission! How crazy is that. Time keeps on flying by. Today we also did service by fixing a roof. It was really fun! haha. Then we taught Isabel, a less active and we took members with us which helped a ton! Members are awesome! Then we had the same luck but this time it was with an investigator. The members testimonies also helped a ton in the lesson!
FRIDAY, we went to the temple today!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing. I love the temple! I love love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It helped me open my eyes a little bit more and helped me see what God has in store for me. It helped me understand more about the importance of Gods plan. Amazing. Then we taught 2 investigators who said that they would come to church which is what they ended up doing! They have a baptismal date, now we just need to help them stay on this path until that date. haha. 
  SATURDAY, today we taught a less active named Lucy. She is way cool, knows a lot. She just doesnt go to church very often, kinda sad. We are trying to help her get the habit. Then we taught Angelica and helped her understand a little more about the restoration. She is progressing! Learning more and more and she reads everything that we leave her! 
SUNDAY, church! We had a ton of people come with us to church today! Like 8 investigators. Some cant get baptized due to problems with marriage and stuff haha, but at least they are continuing to follow Christ! Strengthening their testimonies!!   After we delayed once again due to problems with the members who were going to give us lunch, but we were able to help a couple more people. The investigators with the whole marriage issue, but soon that will all be resolved and they will be able to be baptized!!!!!!!
     Well thanks to everyone for all the support!!! The church is true! I know it! Have a great week! read, pray, everyday!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!

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