Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"BATH IN A BUCKET!" Email 7/20/2015

PDAY,  so we got transfers today and I am headed to villa Alegre Surco! Should be fun! 
TUESDAY, transfers! So Surco is cool. It is a really nice place. The pension is absolutely awesome. Our room is super tiny though, like literally the size of my bedroom. haha. It’s just me and my comp here. I am just starting to get to know people and work! My comp is elder Macias from Mexico and he has about 15 months in the mission. Cool! 
WEDNESDAY, today we had our district meeting. There are a ton of sisters in this zone. haha.  One of them is Jonathan Rigtrips girlfriend. haha. She just got here. She has a month in the mission haha. So from there we taught a couple of less actives and some families. We are trying to work a lot with the members and we are also working a ton with less actives. There is a lot of potential here. We just got to keep on working! 
THURSDAY, today we were guided by the spirit to a service project! I love service. Then we contacted a bunch, still trying to get to know the area. It’s hard to get in a groove. I feel a little lost, but with time I am sure I will get the groove back. Oh! I did have to shower with a bucket today. haha. They shut our water off for three days haha. Fun! Now I can say I have bathed with a bucket! haha
FRIDAY, we had pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup!!! Oh my gosh. It was sooooo good. I miss pancakes. I am going to eat 10 every morning when I get back haha. Then we taught a family and it was cool because as we were planning yesterday, without knowing who these people really were, the thought of teaching them about tithing came to mind. Long story short, we taught it and it was exactly what they needed. One of them even said that he had been thinking about tithing that morning! Cool! I love the spirit! 
SATURDAY, today we found a ton of new investigators just from contacting, like 4 people just let us in. Sweet!!! That is what this area needs. When I got here there were literally 0 investigators. Wow, haha. There is work to do! Later we talked to a guy who is Jewish! Cool guy. We made an appointment with him. So we will see! 
SUNDAY, church! The ward is the biggest ward that I have been in, a lot more reverence. I like it. haha. The stake president gave a talk today about the Sabbath day. It was awesome. Later lunch delayed a lot. Church gets out at 2 so it’s a little hard. We start working late, but we did teach a recent convert who wants to go to the temple with his wife. Cool! There are a lot of people here who are working on going to the temple for the first time! I hope to be able to go with a lot of them. When you go with someone who is going for the first time it is a really neat experience. 
Well! That is my first week in this new area! We will see how it continues! Thank you all for all your support! I love you all! Have a grand next week!!!!!!!!!!

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