Thursday, August 27, 2015

LISTENING to the SPIRIT will teach us what WE need to know!!! Email 8/24/2015

MONDAY, pday, so we played soccer on an artificial field with another zone. Really fun. Then we had a lesson after with a family on family history work. cool!
TUESDAY, today was awesome. So we had our district meeting and learned about leaving our areas stronger than when we found them. Later we had some awesome appointments. We did divisions and i went and taught karol, an investigator and we had a great lesson on the restoration and she understood it all really well and the spirit was there, wow, i cant even describe it. Just amazing, also my comp found some great new investigators that we are going to start teaching!! The blessings!!!!
WEDNESDAY, today we were able to teach julio cesar. He is a great guy and has a sincere desire to follow Jesus Christ. We are helping him understand the organization of Christ’s church and how that church is the only true church upon the face of the earth. Then we taught some other investigators who want to get married. Well that’s a first. haha. They also want to know more about how our belief in Christ can help and strengthen us as a family. Awesome!!! 
THURSDAY, today we taught a bunch of member families. Like seriouly a lot. haha. Our lessons with investigators fell through and well we were just guided to these families. We hope that this will help us find new investigators through their references. References are always the best. Today we also taught a less active girl who doesnt believe in God..... it is sad to see a person reject this message even though they feel it and know that it is true, it is just that because of certain events they harden their hearts and push Him out of their lives...
FRIDAY, today we did some more divisions with some members. We were able to teach the investigators that want to get married. Well the lady. Her name is matilde and her couple is elmer. We taught matilde and she is really receptive. She wants to learn more and always has really good questions.  Then we contacted a bit to try and find new people to teach. We always need to find more. haha. The more the better. 
SATURDAY, today we taught 2 new investigators who are working here in lima but are from another part of Peru. They had been listening to the jehovas witnesses before and are curious to see the difference that we have with all other religions. Then we taught another couple of investigators who also want to get married, but its hard because they dont go to church.... they were going to go but then they had to work. Just like last week... a little tough. 
SUNDAY, today i complete 22 months in the mission. Wow. We had church and honestly this Sunday was very inspiring and spiritual for me. I was able to receive inspiration and the classes were on just what I needed and helped me understand a lot more about the temple and the sacrament. Incredible really. I loved it. Really every Sunday should be like this. We should go and try to listen to the spirit because he will teach us what we need to know. The talk that a sister was giving was on the book of Mormon, but during it i received revelation about the temple. Really cool. I felt the spirit, which taught me what i needed to know. Sweet. I love this gospel.
  Well i hope that all of you can have inspiring experiences and can feel the spirit this week because it is truly wonderful. I love you all and can’t wait to see you all again. Take care!!!!

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