Thursday, August 27, 2015

THE ATONEMENT..."The most important event int the history of mankind!" Email 8/10/2015

MONDAY, ok, so today we played steal the flag, way fun, and then some soccer. It was a blast! Then we had a noche de hogar with our pension. It went great. We talked about the power of the Atonement. what a great topic. The most important event in the history of mankind! 
TUESDAY, today we had a zone meeting and we got new goals of excellence. They are now the following: 20 lessons with investigators, 70 contacts or trained families, (or combined), 50 references asked for, and 10 baptismal invitations.  This is helping us focus a little bit more on our purpose as missionaries which is baptize! So from there we contacted almost the whole day haha. But we found a couple of future investigators so that is good. 
WEDNESDAY, today we taught a less active who is an artist. cool. He hasn't gone to church in 20 years because he sells his paintings on weekends so we will have to see what we can do to help him go back after not going for so long. Then we taught a recent convert about the restoration, reviewing a few things to strengthen that testimony! oh ya! 
THURSDAY, we did divisions with the zone leaders and I went into the zone leaders area with an elder limaico. Cool guy from Ecuador. But before the divisions we taught a way cool first lesson with some contacts, one girl is 17 then a guy who is 20. They are brother sister and are really interested in our message. They might be chosen ones! haha .Super cool. 
 FRIDAY, today we taught the 17 yr old again. Her name is Jacky. She has a big desire to learn. She picked up on the lesson way quick and understood all of it. Sweet! from there we didnt have too much luck. But we are still working, trying to find new people. Oh. and our water heater broke! haha. Ice showers again! love it! wahhoooo!!!! 
SATURDAY, today was a great day. We taught a lot of new investigators who have a great potential and true interest in what we have to say. They all accepted the invitation to be baptized if they feel in their hearts that it is the right decision to make. The only obstacle is actually getting them to that point now. haha. But i know that with faith and works, everything is possible. God's will, will be done. 
SUNDAY, church! All of our investigators that we taught, who said that they were going to come, didnt show. Dang it. well. what can you do, they have their agency. grrrrrr. ....... haha. From there we also had a good day, taught a couple of families and some less actives who arent showing a lot of interest in going back.... sad. We just have to keep trying though. anyway. 
  Well, that was my week! I love the mission i love life. i am happy! i hope all of you can be happy too! have a great next week! love you all! 

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