Tuesday, August 4, 2015


MONDAY, today we played a couple of sports, handball, soccer, stuff like that. Then we had a cool Noche de Hogar where we talked about being examples all the time, whether it be with family friends or with God!  Always act the same! 
TUESDAY, district meeting! We talked about the importance of members in the lessons because if a member is there than the investigator automatically has a friend at church so that they feel more comfortable and stuff. Then we found a cool new investigator named Sylvia. She lives with some members and has never been baptized, but wants to be! Cool!  Then we taught a family, the one whose son served in the Barricks ward in eagle Idaho, small world.  Oh ya! So today is Peru’s Independence Day! Feliz dia Peru!!! A lot of people are drinking and stuff to celebrate. haha fun. 
WEDNESDAY, today we taught a less active about the Sabbath. It was a great lesson and I guess it worked because she came to church, so that is awesome! Later we taught about the restoration with a recent convert, reviewing it all. It is cool when you teach about the basics with someone who already has a testimony about it because it helps you strengthen your testimony a lot because you understand things better. Way cool!
THURSDAY, so today we found 2 new investigators, one knows everything about the church haha. He has family in Utah and has even read books by Brigham Young and stuff haha, but doesnt want to be baptized just because he doesnt want to haha. Weird, but ya we can’t force him to do anything. Then we taught Sylvia again. She is awesome and I think she will progress a lot the only problem is that she isnt married. ahhhhhhhh. Makes life difficult. haha. 
FRIDAY, today was a little difficult for some reason. No one let us in haha. We did teach a less active. We are trying to help her read her scriptures because she hasnt read in months. The scriptures are so important. We just cant progress without reading them. It is our guide, our compass, if we dont use it we will get lost. 
   SATURDAY, we taught another less active about the scriptures and set the goal with her to start to reading them again. Then we taught Sylvia once again and she is continuing to learn more, she wants to learn more and wants to be close to God, all she needs to do is pray and come to church.
SUNDAY, we had an amazing testimony meeting. I have never seen so many people bear their testimonies. It was awesome! Really powerful! Then we had a great Sunday class. Isabel, the less active, came and she brought her jewish friend too. Pretty cool! Then we started proselyting late once again and only were able to teach two short lessons, but I felt good and that is what is important. 
    Well, that is my week! Thank you all for supporting me! This mission has changed my life! I love you all! Have a great next week! 

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