Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2 WEEKS!!! Email 9/21/2015

MONDAY, pday! We went to the center of Lima to buy a few little trinkets. It was fun! Then we talked to a less active about charity. Just what he needed really, he is still excited to come back to church! Awesome! 
TUESDAY, we had our district meeting. We learned about listening with our hearts and not just hearing with our ears. Cool. Then we taught this lady who is kind of less active and it was cool because i asked some inspired questions and we were able to find a need that she had and help her with it. Then after she thanked us and said that we had helped her more than any of the past missionaries. It is cool how God sends us to the right place and the right time with the right people in order to help them! so cool! 
WEDNESDAY, today we had Elder Carlos Godoy of the area 70 come and talk to us. Really cool. I learned a lot and was able to feel the spirit very strongly. He also asked at the beginning that those who are finishing their missions to go to the front and bear their testimonies, which is me...... really cool experience testifying about what i know in front of an area 70 and the missionaries. Once in a lifetime, a great spiritual experience. 
THURSDAY, today we taught a recent convert. We are taking her to the temple tomorrow! So cool. That is truly the goal; getting people to go to the temple. Really incredible. Then we talked to a less active about forgiveness, how we need forgive all of those who have offended us. Even our enemies, we have to love everyone! 
FRIDAY, today we got to go to the temple!!!! with the recent convert and Alberto. Really awesome experience. It was cool because some missionaries from lima norte, and it turns out they needed us in order to do their baptisms and one of the elders was with me in the ccm. It wasnt a coincidence! Gods hand was there in that. 
SATURDAY, We helped our district leader contact in his area because they are struggling a little bit. Then we talked to our investigator and she is going to be baptized on October 10th most likely. It would be cool if my parents could be there for it so we are hoping for the best! Then we had a really short but really powerful lesson with a less active family. It was awesome. I love the spirit. 
SUNDAY, today we had church and the classes were amazing. Then we contacted all day. haha.  It was fun.
  So that was my week more or less. Sorry it is a little short, but my time is also short. But I love you all and hope that you all are happy and well. Have a great next week! Love you all and see you all in 2 weeks!!!!!