Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 WEEKS TO GO * PLUS A BAPTISM!!! Email 9/14/2015

MONDAY, pday, so we played soccer and climbed a little cerro. fun. haha. 
TUESDAY, today we contacted a bunch. Not a ton of success. It is really hard to get into the houses here. From there we taught a member and come to find out she doesnt have a testimony but hey we can help her get one. She just is confused about a couple of things. Then we taught an investigator who hadn’t slept for 3 days for some reason. A little strange. haha. Then we did the pre interview for Elsa and did some paperwork then called it a day! 
WEDNESDAY, today we had district meeting and we learned about the importance of the members when we teach. Really helpful. Then we visited 2 of our investigators. They are progressing little by little still. But hey, at least they are progressing! One of them is having a hard time getting to church still because of her baby. She has all the lessons but lacks the attendance. From there we taught a recent convert about the priesthood organization. It is a blessing to have the priesthood restored in these the latter days!
THURSDAY, today we did divisions and in the other area we had 0 lessons and contacted all day! Fun! haha. 
FRIDAY, today was cool. We talked to a less active and we were able to find one of her needs! Wahoo. Now we can help her more so that’s good. Then we talked to a less active return missionary. We had a great lesson, really powerful. After the lesson he said that he wanted to go back to church and actually came! He is excited to reactivate himself! Cool. i love it when the spirit tells us what we need to say. 
SATURDAY, we had Elsa’s baptism today! All went well and she was way happy! A lot of members came to her baptism and she feels great! Now we hope we can also take her to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! That would be sweet! From there we visited some other investigators. One of them told us that he couldnt receive our visits anymore. Sort of sad. Everyone has their agency right?  But we are happy because there is a party in the heavens today because one more daughter decided to follow the Fathers path!
  SUNDAY, Elsa got confirmed! An official member of the church! Sweet. After we ate some delicious lasagna. It was great. We ate so much that our stomachs hurt. haha. Then we taught a less active that has some personal problems that prevent him from wanting to come back to church and to read the scriptures. But little by little everything will be resolved.  So i am just happy and i love it here. Not much more time to do this kind of work so i have to take advantage while i can! I love you all! Thanks for your support! Have a great next week!