Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Dallon emailing on the 31st * Elder Reed in the background
MONDAY, so pday! Today we went sand surfing. ya... awesome, like sledding but on a sand dune. It was the best. Then we got transfers!!!! So i am getting transferred!!!! What!?!?!?!? To San Borja!!! One of the richest areas in the mission and i am going to be with elder Reed from Ohio!!! It is funny because i was with him in the same room when i was in Vitarte. So i already know him and we are already pals so i am excited! 
TUESDAY, transfers! So first day in san broja we taught a new investigator named Dante. We just contacted him and he let us in, which apparently is super rare here. But ya, cool guy. He wants to learn more about God! Then we taught an investigator named Elsa, who has a baptismal date. She is awesome. She learns super fast and reads everything that we leave her. She has also gone to church like 6 times. Really cool. 
   WEDNESDAY, we taught a recent convert who is really cool too. She is preparing to go to the temple for the first time! She is facing some opposition in her life right now that is making it a little harder but she is strong and tells us everything so that we can help her. We shared some scriptures with her and then after she thanked us and told us that that was just what she had needed. Awesome! So this area is huge. haha. i am so lost. haha. 
THURSDAY, Elder Bednar talked to us today!!!  It was incredible!!! The spirit was so strong. He asked us questions the whole time. The whole 3 hours. His focus was on learning by faith and through the Holy Ghost; as we act and DO things that the lord commands, THEN the miracles will follow. We must be agents not objects. We must ask God to help us do things not ask Him to do it. For example, we shouldn’t ask him to help the people who didnt come to church that we to help them come the next week, but we should ask him to help them open the door and let us in as WE GO and visit them. Stuff like that. Really inspiring and amazing. He also taught us how we should teach so that people think and have the Holy Ghost touch them instead of us just giving a lecture. We need to guide them and help them become agents of their own, and not object. So i testify that Elder Bednar is called of God and God lives. I just know it. 
FRIDAY, today we were able to teach another investigator who also has a baptismal date, but it is a little hard to teach her because her little daughter is very active and is always distracting her. haha. I love little kids, but sometimes they are difficult to control. but hey, they dont know any better. so ya, she is progressing and is going to church and everything. So we are happy. We have also been applying what elder bednar taught us and man does it work, we have had many spiritual experiences in the lessons. The spirit is stronger because he is the main teacher, not us. It is awesome! 
SATURDAY, today we had district meeting! There are a ton and i mean a ton of sisters in this zone. Like half, maybe more than half. haha. 11 of them. But it is cool. i mean i grew up with all women so i am used to it. haha. Elder jeria, my old companion back in central is my district leader. Cool. so after the meeting we taught a recent convert who is ready to go to the temple now! We just have to make a date and we might be able to go to! This being the first time and everything. So then we taught Elsa again and she had a few doubts about the book of mormon so we decided to talk about that and we had an amazing lessons. After she didnt have doubts and had felt the spirit. Really amazing experience. So now she is going to pray to see if she is going to get baptized this week or if she is going to wait until next week. We will see. She has almost all the lessons and has gone to church a lot, so she is more than ready. Awesome! 
SUNDAY, we had church! It was great. Cool to see how different wards work and everything. This ward has a bunch of important people in it. Area 70s and army generals and stuff. haha. I enjoyed it. After we taught our investigator the rest of lesson two, her daughter had a tablet so she was a lot more tranquila this time. haha. We were able to teach without interruptions. haha. Then we ate in the house of an area 70 for dinner. He has been a mission president too. He gave us some really good advice as missionaries and as members in general. 
  Well, that was my week! i loved it. Full of the spirit! I love you all and hope that you can all also feel the spirit this week! It is amazing! See you soon! Love yall! 

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