Tuesday, September 22, 2015

KICKED OUT OF AN AREA!! Email 9/7/2015

MONDAY, so today we played a couple of fun games. Then after pday we went and taught Elsa who is now set to be baptized on the 12th! We are so excited for her. She is going to be a way strong convert to the church. Wahoo!!!
TUESDAY, we started off contacting a lot, after a while, long story short, they kicked us out of an area because some people called and complained. Anyway. haha. I felt a little bad but hey at least its not like in the scriptures that they throw us in jail right? haha. So then we taught a recent convert who is ready to go to the temple! Wahoo! Another great success! We are excited for her too! Then we taught a family whose daughter passed away less than a month ago. I admired the faith that they have. They are staying strong. I cant imagine how hard that would be. 
WEDNESDAY, today we taught a strange investigator. He is way receptive but like he wont read the book of mormon until he finishes the bible and he recently started it. haha. So ya. haha. From there we taught a less active. She is feels that something is missing in her life. We tried to teach her that only God can fill that space. She understood, and knew what she had to do, so it was a success. The spirit told her what she needed to do in the lesson. Really cool. 
THURSDAY, more contacting! haha. We had 3 contacts today that talked to us in English. A little weird. haha. Then we talked to a new investigator! Her name is Liz, yes another female; all the men are working and never home. haha. But she is married!!! And the family is really important to her and her husband so we are hoping to be able to teach all of them at the same time! Then we taught a less active, but it seems like everything went in one ear and went out the other. But hey we can only invite people to come unto Christ. They have to do the rest.
FRIDAY, today we had a zone meeting. They had me bare one of my last testimonies. haha. que trunky. anyway, it was really cool. The spirit was really strong and i felt it working through me. Really amazing. From there we taught a recent convert and a less active. Oh ya, so i did get my package today! Thanks to all! i love you guys! and ya! today flew by haha. 
SATURDAY, today we talked to one of the first members in Peru. Pretty sweet to hear all of the stories she has. Incredible. A Peruvian pioneer! Then we talked to some less active teenage boys who dont go to church mainly because they sleep too much and cant get up in the morning. haha. Reminds me of myself a little haha. But it went well. One of them ended up coming on Sunday. So it was a success! Now he just has to keep coming! haha. 
SUNDAY, church! Was the best like usual! Testimony meeting is always powerful and the sacrament of course. My favorite hour of the week! Then we visited a less active return missionary. Really sad honestly to go on a mission and then fall away. It is hard to get them to come back too. From there we visited a lady who is a chef, she had a restaurant in California. She is pretty high class. haha. She also gave us dinner and cooked a chicken pot pie. Pretty good! haha. So i was happy. 
   Well sorry that this email is a little short, i dont have much time and i cant type real fast haha. But i love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!